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Deep Zone by: tim green

No description

tyler howell

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of Deep Zone by: tim green

novel expostion
theme page
The theme of my book is perseverance. Three situations that support this are: Ty and Troy had to endure many things to get to the championship, Ty is very determined to steal Tate from Troy, and Ty, Troy, and Tate were very persistent in escaping from the mob.
plot twist
Troy and Ty are kidnapped by Troys dad and the mob and took to a small fishing camp in the middle of the swamp. The mob is going to kill them but once they go to sleep Troys dad risk his life to save them and let them go.
characterization page
A. Protagonist: Ty, Troy
B.Antagonist: the mob
C. dynamic characters:Ty, Troy, Tate
D. flat characters:Thane, agent Sutherland
Deep Zone by: Tim Green
Deep Zone by Tim Green is about this boy named Ty who is being chased by the mob. Ty is on a 7 on 7 football who goes and plays in the championship at the super bowl. While Ty is at the championship he begins to size up a player for the team he will play against. The player turns out to be Ty's cousin he didn't know about.
Ty is my favorite character because he is a hard worker and never gives up. He keeps working until he gets what he is working for.
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