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I'm, Like, Totally A Sorority Girl: Breaking the Stereotype

No description

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of I'm, Like, Totally A Sorority Girl: Breaking the Stereotype

I'm, Like, Totally
A Sorority Girl

Philanthropy and Community Service
Creating Community
Campus/School Spirit and Pride
Scholarship and Intellectual Development
Character/Leadership Development
Solidifying Values
Bystander and Intervention Training
Program Possibilities
Greek Stereotypes in the Media
Carrie Chapman Catt (suffragist)
Mary Kathryn Hammock (neurosurgeon and founder of National Brain Research Association)
Mary Ellen Weber (astronaut and chemical engineer)
Julie Clark (veteran pilot)
Jan Davis (astronaut)
Diane Fossey (pioneering zioologist)
Famous Sorority Women
(from the sorority life.com)
Your Move, Our Potential
What comes to your mind when you hear the phrase sorority woman?
What stereotypes surround the sorority woman image?
What reputations exist about sororities on your campus?
Greek stereotypes and their repercussions
Greek Life in the media
Residence Life and Greek Life interaction
What we can learn from each other
Sophomore at UND
Living in Johnstone-Fulton Residence Hall
ARH Environmental Rep
Journalism Major
Studio 1 - Live Campus T.V. Show
Educational Leadership Association
New Member of Pi Beta Phi
What We Will Cover
Presented by: Dora Bralo
Discussion Time
Residence Life and Greek Life Common Goals
Thanks for Coming

Contact Information: dorabralo@hotmail.com
Values and Creeds of Sororities
The Stereotypes
(from CollegeCandy.com)
Some Sorority Women I Know....
Myths Surrounding the Sorority Woman
(from USA Today)
You are paying for your friends
Sorority women are all the same
Sorority women party all the time
I am going to get hazed

My personal experience with the Greek system
Likes to party seven days a week
You can only be accepted if you are pretty or hot
Does not care about school or grades
Are triple majoring
Are on the Dean's List multiple times
Smart, dedicated and ambitious
From diverse backgrounds
Applying to graduate school
Are Honors students
Scholarship winners
Excessive drinker
What can we do about it?
Repercussions of Stereotypes
Not always true
Perceived as bullying
Association by group
Preconceived notions
How We Should Interact
Use each other as a resource
It is not a competition
ResLife and Greek Life = Inspire
Be open-minded
Encourage collaboration
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