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Raul Martinez

on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of Ferrari

logo facts
Ferrari's logo is a prancing horse on a yellow shield.
in 1923, he won a very popular race at Ravenna. There he acquired the legendary ace pilot Francesco Baracca's WWI pilot badge.
First Vehicle/Product
Failed products
1995 Ferrari F50 is said to be the ugliest Ferrari ever made.
Many say that the Ferrari F50 looks cheap and cheesy.
Raul Martinez

English 2, Period 6

Ms. Anthony


Enzo Ferrari was the youngest of two children.
Enzo was born in the central italian town of Modena, Italy on February 18, 1889.
Ferrari started in Marellano, Italy in 1929.
The founder Enzo Ferrari was a race car driver for Alfa Romeo.
today, Ferrari is a top leading company for exotic vehicles.
in the future, they will turn to turbo and hybrids.
Ferrari was a professional race car driver for Alfa Romeo.
The race car he drove was a Alfa Romeo R.L.
The first Ferrari road car was the 1947 125 S, powered by a 1.5 Liter V12 engine.
Enzo Ferrari reluctantly built and sold his automobiles to fund Scuderia Ferrari.
Early in 1996, Fiat took a 50% stake in Ferrari.
2012 financial results reveal best year in Ferrari history.
In 2012 it was Ferrari's best ever trading period in the company's 66 year history.
Best economic year for Ferrari
Most expensive car
A 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO was sold for $32.65 million.
Ferrari made only 36 GTO's.
Just 10 years ago, GTO's were selling for around $10 million.
Ferrari buildings
Ferrari builds their cars in Marellano, Italy.
Fewer than 7,000 cars are built a year.
Down the road from the factory lies the Galleria Ferrari, a museum dedicated to the historical models, race cars and exhibits highlighting the evolution of the car maker.
Most powerful Ferrari
the Ferrari F12berlinetta is the most powerful Ferrari ever.
said to be the fastest and most powerful regular production Ferrari in history, the F12berlinetta sports a 6.3 liter naturally-aspirated V12 engine that produces 730 HP.
Future predictions -hybrids
Every future Ferrari engine will probably be turbocharged or hybridized.
Ferrari wants to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 20 percent by 2021 while at the same time increasing its performance.
Review thesis
Ferrari began when a man named Enzo Ferrari decided to expand his love for cars worldwide by building one of the most prestigious exotic cars in the world. Today, Ferrari is known for its luxury and for its unique engines.
Final thoughts
Ferrari is a very prestigious exotic company.
it is one of the most known companies in the world.
It's luxury and innovation separates it from all other companies.
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