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No description

Tamara Keiller

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Emirates

Presented by Tamara Keiller,
Emirates Training Manager Australia Hello Tomorrow.. Emirates offer many jobs,
our main areas of work are..
- Emirates Airlines
- Emirates Holidays
- Emirates Engineering Emirates Airlines Emirates Airlines is a dedicated and globally
recongnisable branch of our company.
Emirates employs its staff all throughout the world
as we aim to project our company to all available clients.
Emirates has recently signed partnership with
Australian owned, Qantas Airlines.
We aim to expand our staffing into Australia,
looking for a fresh new face to represent us
www.emirates.com/au/english/about/careers Emirates Engineering Specific Requirements Two of the world's iconic airlines are forming a
global partnership.
From April 2013, Emirates and Qantas will fly
14 times a day from Australia to Dubai, and beyond
This will give easy access to 33 European destinations, including daily A380 flights to London Heathrow,
Paris, Rome and other great cities! On behalf of Emirates,
I thank you for your time. About Emirates Emirates has been growing since
October 25th, 1985.
Since then, Emirates has evolved into a
globally known airline commitment to
the highest standards of quality in
every aspect of our business. Any Questions? Areas of Work Emirates Holidays Emirates Engineering is one of the
world's most advanced aircraft maintenance
groups whilst also supporting more
than 30 other airlines.
Emirates Engineering personnel are fully
proven and qualified at all levels.
Our engineers are fully trained at the
Emirates Aviation School.
For more information, visit
www.emiratesengineering.com Emirates Holidays offers the finest
selection of destinations to make your perfect getaway around the world.
We are always looking to expand
this part of our company with Hotels and locations throughout the world,
offering jobs everywhere! Emirates Aviation College
Our elite college completely trains
you in the area of which you are
interested and eligible in.
For more information, visit www.emiratesaviationcollege.com All applicants must have:
- HSC Certificate
- An interest in travel
- A will to learn
- A level of intelligence Emirates and Qantas
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