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Jennifer Lee

on 13 July 2015

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Treatment Planning II
Summary of Medical History
* Asthma
* Seasonal allergies
* Meds: Albuterol PRN; NKDA

* Was pt ever hospitalized?
* Expand on any "yes"

Summary of Dental History

* Radiographs ever taken?
* Previous dental tx completed?
* Any behavior guidance used?
Extra and Intraoral Exam
* Examine the mouth before taking radiographs
* What radiographs would you order? * Why?

* What are the AAPD guidelines for radiographs?
* What are the indications for PA's?
What is the patient's Caries Risk Assessment?
What would be your treatment plan?
Behavior guidance
Local anesthetic
Child has active white spot lesions or enamel defects
Child has >1 decayed/missing/filled surfaces (dmfs)
Caries Risk
Biological findings:
* Caregiver has decay
* Low SES
* >3 snacks between meals
What caries do you see?
A: Check M K: MB
B: D L: DO
C: M:
D: M N:
E: MB O:
F: DB P:
G: M Q:
H: R:
I: F demin S: DO
J: M incip. T: M

** Mesiodens!
A: Check M/Seal K: SSC/MO comp
B: SSC/DO comp L: SSC
C: M:
D: Strip crown N:
E: Strip crown O:
F: Strip crown P:
G: Strip crown Q:
H: R:
I: Seal S: SSC
J: Seal T: SSC
* Refer for mesiodens extraction
Voice Control
Oral Sedation
Child weighs 35lbs; max dose is 2mg/lb
* 2x35=70 mg for max dose
* 1.7 ml per carpule --> 34 mg of lidocaine per carpule
* To calculate the number of carpules, divide the max dose by 34mg/carpule
Treatment Plan Sequence
* First visit: #S and T
* Second visit: #K and L
* Third visit: #B
* Fourth visit: #D, E, F, G
Refer for Mesiodens extraction
Post Operative Instructions
* anesthetized tissues
* Tylenol PRN
* hygiene
* diet
* emergency contact
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