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SafeCam - An Introduction

Philadelphia Police Department

Lloyd Emelle

on 18 January 2012

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Transcript of SafeCam - An Introduction

SafeCam is the Philadelphia
Police Department's newest crime
prevention and investigation tool. Registering cameras with SafeCam not only helps deter crime, but assists the
Department in its overall crime prevention strategy in neighborhoods across Philadelphia. The Fine Print

Citizens will only be contacted by the Philadelphia Police Department if there is a criminal incident in the vicinity of their security camera. This initiative is not designed to be a live feed system, however in the future businesses or residents may be able to share their remote feed access information. The User begins by filling in the Registration Form. Step 1: Registration Advanced Registration Step 3: Share Information Users are required to verify their phone number. Upon completion of the phone registration, Users are given two options for Registering their cameras; the Simple method or the Advanced Method. Simple Registration Choose One Visitors will first select the number of cameras they have on the interior and exterior of their property. Next Visitors will enter information on how they access video recordings from their cameras. Finally, Visitors wil enter any other information that they would like to share about their Camera Network. Visitors begin the camera registration process by entering details about their Camera Network. George Street Lot Liberties Walk Entrance Lot Entrance Lot Camera Street Camera 1 Street Camera 2 Next Users will identify the Camera Zones that belong in this Camera Network. Camera Zones are categorized as Interior or Exterior. Visitors who choose the Simple Registration will be presented with the form below.

After filling out the form, visitors will review their information before sharing it with the department. Visitors will review their camera information, and share it with the department. Once the information is saved, officers and investigators will have access to that information via the internal site. In the event of a crime or emergency situation, police personnel can search through the internal site to locate nearby cameras and contact information using a mapping system.
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