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How The Skeletal and Muscular System Interact

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Thomas Harris

on 16 September 2010

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Transcript of How The Skeletal and Muscular System Interact

Skeletal System: An adult consists of more than 206 bones which forms a strong framework that supports the body and also helps protect the internal organs. You have fours types of bones in your body
Irregular They are compsed of two types of bones dense or compact and spongy Muscular System: Moves the body with more than 600 muscles, each of which consists of special fibres that can contract which results in movement The muscles of the human body can be divided into two main types: skeletal muscles and smooth muscles and third kind of muscle, cardiac muscle which is found only in the heart. . There are three types of muscles
How both interact: The skeletal system is covered with muscles that enable us to move. These muscles are attached to the bones through tendons and often stretch from one end of the bone to the other. Your bones and muscles work together through a series of impulses and signals communicated between the brain and skeletal muscles. In order to move, the nervous system then sends signals a skeletal muscle to contract. When the muscle contracts, this movement causes the attached bone to follow.
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