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MKTG 3700 - All Inn One Hair Salon

No description

Tamara Scott

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of MKTG 3700 - All Inn One Hair Salon

Finally Products & Services The Challenge All Inn One Hair Studio Establishing our customer base:
We are new
Consumers have many alternatives in hair care

Increase our business’ value through brand equity:
First create awareness through advertising and promotion.
Position our product in customers minds – What do customers think of when they think of All Inn One Hair Salons.
Meet our customer needs to inspire good feelings toward the brand.
This will help us establish brand loyalty.

Overcome challenges by:
Defining our target market
Communicating how we’ll serve their needs better than our competitors
Delivering on that promise by providing value to our customers SWOT Analysis Strengths
Skilled employees
Variety of services and products offered
Knowledge of new products and styles
We are able to provide service for any type of hair
Located very close to 3 different cities The Market Place Revenue growth is expected to improve over the next five years, rising at an average annual rate of 3.3% to $49.3 billion by 2017
Industry profit is also expected to see gains which could encourage more new businesses to enter the industry…profits are projected to increase from 5.5% in 2012 to 5.9% by 2017.
“The US hair care services industry includes about 86,000 establishments (82,000 beauty salons; 4,000 barber shops) with combined annual revenue of about $20 billion. Target Market Age: 18-35
Median resident age of 35.4.
Median household income of $74,908

Race in Shiloh:
White alone - 8,702 (68.8%)
Black alone - 2,732 (21.6%)
Hispanic - 403 (3.2%)
Asian alone - 377 (3.0%)
Two or more races - 374 (3.0%)
Native Hawaiian & Other Pacific Islander alone -23 (0.2%)
Other race alone - 25 (0.2%)
American Indian alone - 15 (0.1%) Advertising & Media Radio Advertising - 15-30 slots advertising the salon.
Local papers & flyers - hand out flyers prior to grand opening to garner publicity
Business cards - ea. stylist will have personalized business cards
Word of mouth
TV Advertisements - 15-30 slots advertising the salon
Billboards - on hwy going towards shiloh
Social Media - Facebook, YouTube, Foursquare, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr Objectives Weakness
New to the market
Number of other salons in the area
Start-up price
Struggle to get new clientele due to brand loyalty
Smaller population Opportunities The market for hair salons is growing
For clientele to spread the word and attract new customers
Continue to build the company with the addition of more employees
The shops in the area are specialized in certain areas Threats
Chain salons
Street closures don’t allow people to pass the store
Bad customer reviews Achieving at least 99% customer service rating with the lowest prices in town.
Launch at least five new "INN" services to be performed in the salon by 2014.
Recruit seven creative cosmetologist with 2 months who specialize in all the latest trends and hair textures of all ethnicity's.
Improve brand recognition among stylist to increase sales by years end.
Become the market leader in haircare by the end of 2017. Lifestyle:
We would consider the people that we are targeting to be laid back, but still work hard. They enjoy being social and often times like to hangout in non-stress situations such as going to a jazz concert, coffee shops, music stores, or coffee shops. Our target audience enjoys standing out and being different than everyone else. They typically go to the salon once a week for styling, maintenance, etc. They typically live in urban areas and want salon central to their location.

Our potential customers are not afraid to try something new. They are adventurous & willing to step out of their comfort zone. Competitors Chains:
Great clips
Sports clip
Fantastic sams
Sally beauty supply
Master cuts Mom & pop:
Lala African hair braiding
A signature Hollywood salon
Janets hair design
Foster elegant hair salon Creative Brief All Inn One Salon is a full service salon. All Inn One will be on the tip of every consumers tongue and in the forefront of everyone's mind with the launch of this marketing campaign. This campaign will focus on improvements in hairstyling of all ethnicities, advanced salon services, and uniqueness. All Inn will give consumers a renewed and an "I am all Inn" since of style. Being Inn keeps consumers trendy, fresh, and well groomed. Through this campaign All Inn Salon will become number one in the hairstyling industry. Promotions Grand opening:
1st day Weekend of Operations
Promoted through flyers, a large sign, and the O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce
“Whose do?” game
Food & drinks for customers
10% discounts on all services Other promotions:
Family Deal Promotion: Kids get free service when adult purchases service
New Customer Appreciation coupons to entice customers to come back
Sales Charity Giveaways: a percentage of sales go to customer-selected charities
Show off hair services with YouTube videos attached to website Haircuts: ALL HAIRCUTS INCLUDE A LIGHT BLOW DRYAdult $15Child $12Bang Trim
$5Buzz Cut
$5Beard Trim $5Mustache
$5Straight Shave
$7Extra Services:
Male shampoo, cut, style $20
Female Shampoo, cut, style $35
Female Shampoo and style $25
Boys shampoo cut and dry $17
Girls shampoo cut and style$25
Formal styling $50 and up Texture Services:Relaxer/ Basic perm $65
Partical relaxer/ Perm $45Long spiral
Perm $90
Color Services:
Basic color $65
Basic color retouch $45Highlights full head $75Highlights half head $40Highlighted
Tips only male $40 female $50
Cap highlighting $70
Eyebrow coloring $10
Basic color with foiled highlights $95
Waxing Services:
Eyebrows $7
Lip $5
Chin $5
Additional Facial Waxing $6 and up Measurements Quantitative:
We would make a survey available on our social media platforms where we will ask people what they think of the salon, along with demographic information, and what they enjoy to do.
There will be a survey sent by mail to all of the people who have been to the salon before. With the completion of the survey provide a 20% off coupon to the participant
Visit the places where our target market hangs out and invite them to a focus group to see what they think of our competition and us.
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