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Virgin Galactic for SS

The new space shuttle

Cecilia Cavelier

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Virgin Galactic for SS

Virgin Galactic The new space shuttle airplane What is it? Virgin is the name of an American Airline founded by Richard Branson. Recently, Virgin went past the sky, into space. They now have something called the Virgin Galactic, an airplane that ventures into space carrying people that are not necassarily austronauts. In fact, anyone can go! It's the most recent version of a space shuttle, and it's pretty safe! The past..... The previous versions of Virgin Galactic were normal space shuttles that could only be used by austronauts. They were more focused on safety than comfort, and they were mainly used for scientific studies. Astronauts had to wear big bulky space suits instead of the comfortable ones that Virgin Galactic provide. Space shuttles were cramped and filled with controlls. The first space shuttle was created by NASA and was called Columbia. Since then, space shuttles haven't changed a lot. Instead, they have been focusing on ways to be safer. The inventor of the space shuttle was NASA. Virgin Ailines took these designs and made them into their own. After many years of failed designs, the managed to find a way to make the space plane safe enough to use. The History...... The idea of Virgin Galactic was created in 1995. Richard asked his staff to keep an eye on developing space technology. In 1999, Virgin Galactic became an official company. In 2002, Virgin designed and built a plane that could go around the world in a single tank of fuel. Richard Branson and his designers concluded that it was the design they were looking for to use for the space plane. In 2004 SpaceShipOne, the first space ship that Virgin Galactic made, was taken for two test rides as a normal airplane. Both of these flights were successful. When it was 2005, the time came to start building space planes for commercial flights. In 2007, Virgin Galactic built its spaceport in Mexico. In 2008, the official designs of Virgin Galactic space planes were made public. In December of 2009, Virgin Galactic makes its first flight to space, carrying Richard Branson and other VIPs. After that they started preparing for full commercial flights. The Future....... In the future, Virgin Galactic wants to offer orbital human spaceflights, which means that the space plane would stay in space for an entire orbit (a year). Some people think that the flights will become larger, more convenient, and less expensive. Benefits: people get to go to space
you don't have to be an austronaut
you can learn a lot from going to space
What are the positives and what are the negatives? Benefits....
Of course with a cool invention like this, there are many benefits. One of them is that normal people like you and I can go to space any day, any time. This is also a large development in space technology, which might contribute to science one day. Negatives...
There are a few bad things about the Virgin Galatic, too. The major negative of the Virgin Galatic is safety. Though the spaceshuttle is equipped with things to make it safe, it is not completely safe because you're in space. There is some risk to traveling on the Virgin Galatic. Another negative is that Virgin Galactic is extremely expensive, as it is 200,000 USD per ticket. Thanks for watching!
By Cecilia Riccardi, Jerry Lee, Christina Qiu and Margo Warren
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