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GEOGRAPHY: Net Migration

Things about Net Migration

Victoria Chang

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of GEOGRAPHY: Net Migration

Net Migration What is
Net Migration? Net Migration is the number of emigrants and immigrants in a country.
It's all based on the people who are going out of the
country and people who are coming into a country. Statistics Reasons:
1. Economic Problems (e.g, no jobs)
2. Homelessness
3. Political Problems (e.g, war)
4. Environmental (e.g., climate, natural disasters)
5. Cultural (e.g., religious freedom, education) Homelessness causes migration because some people get so poor that they live on the streets. How they avoid living on the streets, is to move to another different area to see if there is a better opportunity. What causes
Migration? Positive SIDE The positive part of migration is that the population increases as more people move into an area. And larger population means better economy because economy needs people to work and help. Moreover net migration is a great thing because if they are more people migrating to a country then it means that the country is a great place to live, which could also mean that the economy and community is fine. If your net migration is a negative number then they might be more people leaving their country in search for a job and there is a problem in the country. This graph shows how many immigrants and emigrants are there in all provinces and territories of Canada.

The province/territory with the most immigrants and less emigrants is Alberta, assuming the fact that there are more people going into Alberta, which means the population in Alberta gets increased and the economy gets better.
The province/territory with the opposite results of Alberta is Prince Edward Island. Judging by the fact that P.E.I. has the least amount of immigrants and emigrants, the population is less than other provinces and territories. Also the emigrants outnumbered the immigrants which means that the population is decreasing. Quality of Life Negative SIDE Economic Problems causes migration due to the fact that
there is a small amount jobs in there community. Moreover,
another source of moving due to economic problems is that
there may not be enough money to support your health-care,
education etc, in your country. What is the Point of Net Migration? Net migration measures movement of peopl by the difference of immigrants and emigrants of an area over a period of time. A positive net migration means more people are entering a country, while a negative net migration shows more individuals leaving a country. Neither measurement gives specific reason for the cause of immigration or emigration. Although this measurement is useful in determining the possible effects immigrants may have on any given location. Immigrants - People who come and settle in a new country or a person who is entering a country from another to take up new residence

Emigrants - People who leave their country to live in a new country Many people migrate because of environmental factors.
For example, some people live up in the North where it's freezing and the ground is not fertile to grow anything. This causes people to migrate so they can live a better climate and have fertile land to grow crops. For example, my brother's friend came from Thunder Bay because it was very cold over there. Some people migrate due to political reasons. Because many people had migrated to another place because of war in their country. Like in World War I, the children in England had to move to the countryside to avoid getting bombed. Moreover people migrate because they don't think their political system is fair and just. Finally a lot of people migrate because of cultural differences. For example many people move because they are not free to practice their religion in public. For instance, back in World War I
Jews were not allowed to practice their religion in public. Another way to say it, is that people move because of cultural differences around them. By this I mean some people believe their children might be influnced from a bad culture. For example, my great grandfather migrated from India to Pakistan because he thought his children will be influnced by the Indian Cultual. Indian culture isn't bad but my great-grandfather felt that he wouldn't be allowed to practice his religion freely. The negative part of migration is that the population decrease as the emigrants outnumbered the immigrants. Because of the loss of population, the economy will have many problems and lose a lot of things like religion, culture and money. The country may also lose power Who Are Emigrants and Immigrants? Immigrants Country Emigrants Egypt The Net Migration for Egypt according to the recent statistics is -346,922 Number of Immigrants Number of Emigrants Net Migration Rate Egypt net migration might be very low becasue of the current political issues in this country. I think this is because a rebellion agianst of the presidents is causing many people to migrate out of the country to escape from the bombing and war that has struck. Many people must be flleeing to save their life. Moreover who would want to settle where a rebellion and a fear of losing your life. Another reason many people are fleeing the country because there isnt alot of jobs in the counrty and because of the loss of population in Egypt and the damage of the bombing, the country needsmore money to replace the damage. = Net Migration Canada Canada's current net migration is +1,098,444 Canada's net migration may be high because many people believe that Canada is high standard country and is willing to take in any race or culture. It has free health care and excellent education. Many of politicians are not corrupt and their is justice in this country. Moreover there is no war in this country currently and was rated on of the best places to live in the world. Moreover, there are many jobs available for everyone to make a living in this country. And the population is high which means the economy and community is fine. THE END By Victoria and Kaneez Net migration Net Migration and Natural Increase Relationship Both of these factors are related because they both help calculate the population of the country. If they are more immigrants moving to a country then the population and natural increase increases. In some countries like Europe, the natural increase is negative or zero natural population growth means that these countries have more deaths than births or an even number of deaths and births. Then obviously these countries need immigration for their country to keep them running and not a dead country. More immigrants in a country in one of the highly low countries will allow them to run the country. More immigrants will start effecting the natural increase because they are more people which means more babies and a higher population. More immigrants in these countries will effect the country's net migration becasue due to the fact more immigrants are settling. Net Migration and Literacy Rate Relationship Immigrate These two factors are related because usually when immigrants move into a new country they don't really know the official language. These immigrants might be literate since they could be people who were at war and claimed refuge but they don't know anything. Also most people are people who are older than 15 who migrate to a different place and will need more assistance in the language and need more time to learn the language. This will effect the country literacy rate since many don't know the official language. Again, the net migration will increase since immigrants are moving in. For example, Canada, you might think all Canadians literate but they aren't. The literacy rate of Canada is 99%. I think they might be missing a percent because the immigrants who had moved in did not know the languages of Canada.
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