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SaintLucia story Dalphinis & Sanfeliu

No description

Josep Sanfeliu

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of SaintLucia story Dalphinis & Sanfeliu

Thanks Ernesta for letting me know ...
Honey Moon beach gathering
Meeting for the 1st time
Vieux Fort 1998
water gathering Honey Moon Beach 1998
meeting cousins 1998
meetings 1998
Ernesta in Barcelona... with the Fauve Dalphinis - Josep Sanfeliu wedding day in Barcelona in
Marie Fauve Dalphinis was born in 1909 in Castries, St. Lucia: the daughter of Helene Dalphinis and Jerome Fauve. Marie Fauve Dalphinis died at the age of 102.
In 1998 Josep Sanfeliu was living in Chicago in the US. Thru the Internet (no Facebook existed!) contacted a lawyer in Castries who had a client named under the lastname of his grandmother: Dalphinis.

Josep decided to meet Ms. Dalphinis in Saint Lucia thanks to the lawyer's willingness to help.

Before flying to Saint Lucia, Ms. Ernesta Dalphinis got on the phone with Josep and asked several "key" family history questions: the responses were correct and complete.

Josep flew to Saint Lucia in October 1998 and discovered a whole new world of roots and backgrounds...
This is the story of a Barcelona-Saint Lucia family connection when Facebook did not exist...

Marie Fauve Dalphinis was Josep Sanfeliu's grandma

Ernesta Dalphinis (left) and Marie Fauve Dalphinis (right) were cousins, grand-daughters of the same grandparents.

Marie Fauve was the daughter of Helene Dalphinis and a french soldier Jerome Fauve from Lyon, France. Marie Fauve moved from St. Lucia to Panama in early 20s and later on to Barcelona in the early 30s. Never returned back to Saint Lucia and lost contact with the island.

Ernesta Dalphins died in 2011 and Marie Fauve Dalphinis died in 2012; they met once in 2001.
Josep Sanfeliu
Born in Barcelona 1974
Marie Fauve Dalphinis grandson
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