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Revenge in Today's Society

No description

Marko Grahovac

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Revenge in Today's Society

Revenge IN TODAY'S SOCIETY How would you get
back at someone
in today's society? Revenge through Violence The world has changed
drastically throughout history. Revenge
through... 1. Internet
2. Justice system
3. Violence The Internet The power of the internet.
-Expanded all over the world. Justice System -Modern criminal system has evolved.
-Incarceration widely used in 19th century. Revenge through
Justice Sytem - Criminals get what they deserve
- Victims/defendents satisfied
- Proper punishment
- Death sentence/ life in prison Anders Breivik case:
- 77 murdered
- Life in prison
- "'I am very relieved and happy about the outcome', said Tore Bekkedal." (The Star, 1). - Hurt people hurt people
- This is human nature
- Will never change
- Violence is always an option
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