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Happy Hour Chat Program

No description

Kaitlin Watson

on 22 July 2014

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Transcript of Happy Hour Chat Program

A San Diego Women's Program
So far, we have held two sessions:
What's next?
Happy Hour Chat
Session 1:
Session 2:
What is this program
all about?
To provide the younger, female Fish attorneys with the opportunity to discuss marketing and business development issues as well as related topics that are of concern.
Interactive, relaxed and casual. Participants are encouraged to join in the discussion. Real life examples and anecdotes provided by the leader and senior female attorneys help the participants understand that they are not alone in terms of concerns, feelings, etc. Mixology theme and tasty treats help make the Chats personal and fun.
Talking Your Way to New Business
How public speaking can position you as an expert
What should you talk about?
How to get a speaking gig
Presentation essentials
Talk to us!
Author! Author!
How to write articles for business development
What to write about
Pitching publications
Recycling articles, and how marketing can help
No Comment!
Basics of PR and media relations
Prepping for an interview
Client confidentiality
Being a good source
Social Media and Business Development – Can the two co-exist?
How to use social media effectively for marketing and BD
Can you be 'friends' with clients?
Personal accounts vs. Fish accounts
How to Say It
The Other "Social" Aspect of Business Development
Entertaining and having social interactions with clients
How to handle uncomfortable situations
Pitfalls and rewards of knowing clients outside of work
Your Marketing Style
Creating a personal marketing plan
How to implement your plan
Sharing Your Style
What's the plan for rolling this program out as part of the EMPOWER initiative?
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