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Goals and Techniques in Teaching Speaking

No description

eden cortez

on 15 August 2015

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Transcript of Goals and Techniques in Teaching Speaking

What is our goal?
communicative efficiency

Instructors help their students
develop their learnings by
providing authentic practice
that would prepare them for
real-life communication
Language Input
It gives learners the material they need to begin producing language themselves.
Communicative Output
The learners' main purpose is to complete a task
Structured Output
It focuses on the correct form.
Recognizing scripts
Greetings, apologies, compliments, invitations, and other functions that are influenced by social and cultural norms often follow patterns or scripts.
Using minimal responses
Minimal responses are predictable, often idiomatic phrases that conversation participants use to indicate understanding, agreement, doubt, and other responses to what another speaker is saying.
Instructors can use a balanced activities approach that combines:
Strategies for Developing Speaking Skills
Teachers' Quality Circle
San Rafael Technological High School
Aug. 17, 2015
What learners think...?
Many language learners regard speaking ability as the measure of knowing a language.

(pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary)
• Functions

transaction and interaction
What learners should realize...?
• Social and cultural rules and norms
(turn-taking, rate of speech, length of pauses between speakers, relative roles of participants)
What educators should do...?
teacher talk
reading passages
listening activities
focuses on information
focuses on ways on using the language
linguistic comptence
discourse comptence
sociolinguistic comptence
strategic comptence
It is designed to make learners comfortable producing specific language items recently introduced, sometimes in combination with previously learned items.
The criterion of success is whether the learner gets the message across.
Accuracy is not a consideration
unless the lack of it interferes with the message.
Using language to talk about language
Using clarification phrases in class when misunderstanding occurs, and by responding positively when they do.
Developing Speaking Abilities
Information Gap

Jigsaw Activities
Role Plays
How many sheets
could a sheet slitter slit
if a sheet slitter
could slit sheets?
Suzie Seaword's
fish-sauce shop sells
unsifted thistles
for thistle-sifters
to sift.
Big black bugs bleed
blue black blood
but baby black bugs
bleed blue blood.
If two witches would
watch two watches,
which witch
would watch
which watch?
ice breaker
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