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Superstitions Basic

No description

English4callcenters .com

on 5 February 2016

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Transcript of Superstitions Basic

Mental training
Practice your mental training with your coach and repeat with confidence
By the end of this lesson you will be able to:
Warm up
Pair up and answer the question below. Then share your answers with the class
''English is easy''
''I can do it''
''I am successful''
Fluency diet review
Pair up and practice the questions below. Then your coach will select some students to go to the front
What did you do on your last _______?
What will you do next _______?
What does _______ do everyday?
30 seconds non-stop
Grammar test
Talk about different superstitions.
Share opinions and beliefs about superstitions.
Are you a superstitious person? Why?
Do you believe in luck?
Video technique
Make groups and watch the following video, then answer the questions below according to the video.
Work in pairs and look at the pictures, tell your partner what the superstition is about, after a minute change couples to know a different opinion.
Role Plays
Pair up, choose a role play, practice and act it out
Reading time - ED
Read the exercise with your classmates, remember to use the correct ED ending pronunciation for each word.
Yesterday I
a TV show about superstitions, I
out after seeing everything, then I
my friends to go out, but when I
out the door I saw a black cat in front of me, I
there for 5 minutes until the cat
to go away.

When I was going to my friend's apartment, I accidentally
under a ladder, I
TV Show, they
it was bad luck, so I
to tell my friends about it but they
it was ridiculous.

After that, we went to a club, we
poker games, I forgot about everything, we
the night and nothing bad
to me at all.
Wrap up
Your coach will select 1 or 2 students to go to the front and they will do a recap
Describe in your own words what happened since you walked into E4CC until now.
Change couples after a minute.
3. What happens if you let your purse touch the floor according to people in Brazil?
1. Is it a bad luck or good luck if you write your name in red ink?
Solve the following grammar test using the grammar you have learned
1- Joseph ______ English every morning.
A) is study
B) studies
C) is studying
D) are studying

2- The movie was __________ the book.
A) as
B) as good
C) good as
D) as good as

3- Our training ______ start next week.
A) going to
B) will
C) is
D) will going to

4-Who is ____________, Marina or Sachiko?
A) tallest
B) tall
C) taller
D) the tall

5- Charlie ___ never late for work.
A) am
B) are
C) be
D) is

Grammar test
Solve the following grammar test using the grammar you have learned
6- Ms. Jones _______ to watch movies everyday.
A) likes
B) will
C) like
D) won't

7- Eli's hobbies include jogging, swimming, and _____.
A) to climb mountains
B) climb mountains
C) to climb
D) climbing mountains

8- Mr. Stevens
me his idea.
A) told
B) says
C) give
D) has

9- The concert will begin ___ fifteen minutes.
A) in
B) on
C) with
D) about

10- The company _________ discounts on computer systems next month.
A) will provide
B) provided
C) provides
D) provide

4. According to spain what happens if you eat grapes at midnight on New Years Eve?
2. What does it mean in Ireland if your nose itches?
Role play 1
You just saw a black cat, tell your friend it's bad luck.

Your friend is freaked out, convince him it's just a superstition.
You need money, sell your rabbit's foot and convince your friend it's for good luck.

Listen to your friend, tell him you don't believe in superstitions.
Role play 2
Grammar review
Your coach will explain to you the grammar chart. Pay attention
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