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Why Restructure?

a short explanation of why clear identity and clear mission require clear structure

Nathan Hoff

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Why Restructure?

Current Obstacles Possible Vision 5 Teams Why Restructure? Making it difficult for people to sit in the stands.
Everybody gets to play! Discontinuity
Difficult Communication
Discouraged Teamwork 1. Keep Trinity's common vision before us.
2. Identify core teams that have clear values,
goals, team members, a coach (council
3. Monthly T.N.T. TEAM NIGHT at
TRINITY where teams meet with their coach
and an Elder/Deaconess, we hear a short
teaching, we glorify God together, then the
coaches (council members) meet for
coordinating what the teams have purposed. 1. "W" Welcome, Worship, Warmth Team:
music, sound, hospitality, fellowship,
altar guild
2. Grow Team:
kids, youth, men, women, alpha, home...
3. Bless Team:
missions, mercy, caring, evangelism, prayer...
4. Facility Team:
5. Generosity Team: Trinity San Pedro growing in grace blessing with grace in and out! music by longzijun www.trinitysanpedro.org
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