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Time Warner Cable

Working version

Mathew Miranda

on 8 December 2010

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Transcript of Time Warner Cable

Charles Carter Jr.
Don Ferrer
Raymond Lopez
Mathew Miranda Agenda Company Background Connect people and businesses with information, entertainment, and each other. Give customers control in ways that are simple and easy. Values SWOT
Analysis Strengths
Strong Brand Equity
Bundle Service
Business Class Services
No Annual Contract
Long Term Relationships with Vendors and Partners Weaknesses
Poor Customer Service / Bad Perception
Weak Advertising
Whole House DVR
No NFL Network / NFL Package Opportunities
New Technology
A La Carte Channel Options
Wireless Industry
Multi-room DVR Threats
Verizon and AT&T Video Services
Increased Competition
Bad Economy IT Initiatives IT Training & Education Thank You Strong Brand Equity
Geographically 2nd largest cable company in the US
Publisher of 23 magazines (Time, InStyle, Fortune, etc.)
Host nearly 50 websites internationally (People.com, SI.com, CNNMoney.com, etc.) Business Services
Business class, Media Sales

No Annual Contract
Excludes new subscribers

Long Term Relationships w/ Vendors and Partners Bundle Service
One bill for customer (Digital Cable, High-Speed Online, Digital Phone)
HDTV, DVR, On Demand, Start Over
Sports Pass, Movie Pass, Variety Pack Increased Competition
Neflix, Hulu, Amazon VOD, Apple iTunes
Competitor Pricing MoCA Technology
Multimedia Over Coax Alliance
Home Networking of digital entertainment
New Technology A La Carte Channel Options Wireless Industry Multi-room DVR Implementation of MoCA Technology
Superior brand / innovation
Faster bandwidth distribution
Efficient use of resources
Differentiating factor
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