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Learn about diffrent types of pianos, piano prodigies, and fun piano facts!

Natalie K

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Piano

Natalie K. There are three types of pianos Piano An Electric Piano is a keyboard that should sound just like a piano! There are Electric Pianos. The Grand Piano Grand pianos have three legs and the strings run horizontally! Vertical Piano They are called vertical for the shape and strings of the piano. Also they are very common because of their affordability. Soft pedal: softens the note. Sonstenuto Pedal:
basically makes the note extremely quiet almost mute but not quite. Damper Pedal:
If you press this pedal down while playing the note, then let go of the note, the pedal keeps the sound and blends the notes together. The Pedals Amazing 4 year old Boy! (Weird Beginning but amazing musician!) Thank you for watching! There are 88 keys on a piano! 52 are white keys, or you could call them natural keys. And 36 black keys, or the sharp and flat notes! How does the piano make sound? Behind every key on the piano there is a hammer. The hammer hits 1,2, or 3 strings depending on the note whenever someone pushes down a key.That is how a note on the piano is made Alicia Keys One Famous Pianist is...
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