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Anna Womack

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of ecopysch

The Impact of Gardening on Elementary School Children's Beliefs about Food Systems and Food Preference
Anna Womack Background Info: Children have unclear ideas and beliefs when it
comes to where and how the food they eat is produced.
(Barton et al., 2005) Find it difficult to make connections between the
choices in one are of the food system and the
consequences that can occur in other parts of it.
(Harmon & Maretzki, 2006) Interesting finding:
Children reported that the two most important qualities of food are taste and apperance. (Barton, Koch, Contento, & Hagriwara, 2005) HYPOTHESIS METHOD PARTICIPANTS
Two classes of 18-20 5th grade children

Children are given a post-study questionnaire to assess their current beliefs about food.
One class plants a garden and consumes the foods that are produced.
Children are givne a post-study questionnaire to re-assess food beliefs. Children who participate in hands on gardening will
have a better understanding of where their food comes
from and more of a preference for healthy, nutritious
foods like vegetables than those who do not garden. What will this measure? This study will measure children's attitudes about food systems before and after gardening as compared to children who did not garden. It will also measure children's attitudes about healthy foods before and after gardening as opposed to children who didn't garden. www.youtube/user/farmtoschool.com REASON FOR TOPIC..
Interest in sustainable, local foods
Practical application of that interest
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