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its amazing

leif henrikson

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of castles

castles of the world Johannisburg Palace Germany The Jhoannisburg castle was built in1605 to 1614 red sandstone by Master Mason For a while the castle housed bishops he castle got its name from the first bishop to live there his name was Johann Schweikart of Kronberg It was turned into a bank/library and is now a historical monument to the town palace on the dam-Amsterdam, Netherlands this palace was built as the town hall in the 17th century the palace was built it is now a retired town hall all tours start at 14.00 what i know
i knew the flight simulater
and how to search places what i learned
i learned that you can take tours
and i found differrent places on earth
that are cool what i want to learn

i want to learn more about
places on earth

all the features of google earth thing that went wrong

it took forever for the
images on google earth to load
it took a while to pull up google
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