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Assessment of Forestry Sector's strategies for biodiversity conservation

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Natalia Lutti Hummel

on 14 November 2015

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Transcript of Assessment of Forestry Sector's strategies for biodiversity conservation

Assessment of Forestry sector's Strategies for biodiversity conservation
Natalia Lutti Hummel
Internship presentation
Supervised by: Rob Alkemade, Ben ten Brink and Andre van Amstel

Scenarios assumptions
Discussion and conclusion
Scenario Analysis for GBO4
Forestry sector
Forward looking assessments
Biodiversity management strategies
1. How is the forestry sector organized?
2. What are the future trends for the forestry sector?
3. What are the options in the forestry sector?
4. What role is business playing in preventing biodiversity loss?
Research Questions
Economic, governance and enhancing awareness
Thank you for your attention!
Literature review

A workshop and interviews with experts
Forestry overview
Industry & Products
Adapted from: Kamphuis et al. 2011, (FAO, 1998) and from presentation by Mark van Oorschot, 29-11-2011
Mature product markets
Structure is changing
Bioenergy and biomaterial
Wood-products demand
Socio-economic and demographic development will define the demand
Alternative pathways to meet the goals of sufficient food and fiber production and biodiversity conservation
Global Technology
Decentralized Solutions
Consumption Change
Global technology
Decentralized Solutions
Consumption Change
Demand of woodfuel and industrial roundwood
(billion m3)
Forestry management types
Management option

Operational option
potential poorly measured
different sources -> various definitions
To discuss...
environmental-friendly lifestyle (CC) -> increase
demand for wood products is changing, but will still increase
bioenergy developments are unclear -> different direction
mix of the trends from the different pathways
the tools to achieve targets exist
Economic growth
Rio +20 scenario
High ambition scenario from rethinking
Environmental changes
Biodiversity loss
MSA in 1970 -> 76%
Biodiversity Strategic Plan and the Aichi Targets
But, how?
Context and aim
PBL, 2012
Consumption of industrial roundwood per region (million m3)
2008 (FAO,2011)
2050 (Smeets and Faaij, 2007
2008 and 2030 (FAO,2011)
2050 calculated from (Smeets and Faaij, 2007)

higher biodiversity levels and reduced soil damage
potential area for illegal logging
post-harvest monitoring

Direct tree felling lower impact in the surrounding
require planning and capability
build capacity
Economic, governance and awareness option
Forest certification guarantee technical approach
adaptability to small scale
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