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EFS Week 4 Thursday

No description

Roland Muller

on 20 August 2018

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Transcript of EFS Week 4 Thursday

Culture shock
What do you remember about your first week in Australia?
How was life in Australia after 6 months here?

Did you feel more/less comfortable?

Solar energy is the way forward for our energy future
Essay title
In today's world there are many issues that need to be addressed.
There are concerns such as overpopulation and pollution as well as finding solutions to develop the necessary infrastructure to support the ever expanding cities.
There are a great number of views on how to resolve these issues and a great deal of debate surrounding the future of our energy.
Many have argued that the time is right for the renewable energy industry to be funded and expanded.
This essay will discuss the benefits of solar energy and look at whether solar energy is the way forward for our future.
It will discuss how the solar industry has developed over the years and look at the alternatives to the growing demand to fuel our lifestyles.
herbal medicine
Do you often need to go to the doctor?
Do you have a regular doctor that you go to?
Why do you go to them?
Have you ever tried other ways of overcoming an illness?
Have you ever tried alternative therapies?
Was it easier to manage here after:
6 months?

1 year?

2 years?
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