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Healthy Eating Scheme of Work ESOL Entry 1/2 Part 1

No description

Mrcool T-Teacher

on 16 July 2013

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Transcript of Healthy Eating Scheme of Work ESOL Entry 1/2 Part 1

Healthy Eating Scheme of Work ESOL Entry 1/2 Part 1
Session 1 - Introduction to food group and what you eat
What foods do you like? An introduction to the different food groups and gauging learners eating habits.


Practical activity - A healthy start to you day

Quick recipe: Super Smoothie recipe


Session 2 - Fancy Fish Fingers
A healthy fish recipe for lunch or dinner


(Use haddock instead. Salmon too expensive!)
Session 3 - The Eat Well Plate
The aim of this session is for learners to:
- start to recognise The eatwell plate and which foods belong to each group;
- understand we need different foods and drinks to be healthy.



Quick recipe: Pleasing Pasta

Session 4 - Fantastic Fish Cakes
An yummy, appetizing, cost effective meal made from scratch.


Session 5 - Fruit and Veg
The aim of this session is for learners to:
- know that it is important to eat lots of fruit and vegetables everyday to stay healthy (at least 5 A DAY);
- name different fruit and vegetables.


Quick recipe - Great Green Soup

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