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No description

ana asif

on 7 April 2014

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living with a Jack Russell
Big space or yard
Need to be walked daily or consequences may result in your dog chewing everything!!
Don't require special grooming
Daily brush their fur and bathe them
Don't suit living in an apartment
Happy & energetic with a strong desire to work
Most happy when companionship and a job to do
Hunting ability is bread in them;it is their nature
Training is a must for these dogs
Makes good watch dogs and are alert
Some can be aggressive towards other dogs
Really intelligent
Very sneaky
This breed is not for you if prefer a dog who will sit peacefully on the couch
bread for speed
digging is normal
good with kids
As you can see these dogs are very hyper with a great personality! They never leave you alone, their always running all over the place! This is why I love my dog.They can be awesome pets, however they can be hyper and sneaky,they always find way to do what they want with their intelligence. Thanks for listening, I hope you learned a bit about this amazing dog.
True working terrier
Takes it's name from the reverend, John Russell,born in 1795 and lived in England
Originated in Southern England
Originally known as the fox terrier
In America, long legged jack Russell's are the breed officially recognized as the jack Russell terrier
Very popular breed
Can pop 100 balloons in less than 1 minute
Live up to 15 years or older
Small dogs
Colors are:White,White with tan markings,Black with tan markings , White with black tan markings
4 types of jack Russell's, long legs , short legs , smooth coat or rough coat
Parson Russell terriers is another word for Jack Russell
There was a popular Jack Russell on television
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