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David Kruchten

on 14 October 2011

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Transcript of Laws

Where Do Laws Come From?
1) Constitutions
2) Statutes
3) Administrative Regulations
4) Cases
So what does that mean?
1) Constitutions
A document that sets forth the framework of government – distributing power
Interpretation of this document is known as Constitutional Law
In the U.S. The supreme court has final say of this interpretation
2) Statutes -
The constitution creates a legislative body or Congress
Congress can then pass laws known as statutes
Local government can also pass their own laws usually known as ordinances.
3) Administrative Regulations
The legislature then has the power to create administrative agencies to carry out and enforce the statutes and laws.
These agencies are usually controlled by the executive branch and can make their own form of statues called rules and regulations.
Case Law created by the judicial branch based on specific rulings
Stare Decisis “To adhere to decided cases”
Of the four, Constitutional law is the highest form
A law is unconstitutional if it conflicts with the constitution.
Your Turn!
On the internet try to find
one local ordinance for Madison
and three strange ordinances and
then add them to your Prezi!
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