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ollie Gorden

on 13 August 2015

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Transcript of Copper

What is it used for?
Copper is used for many intriguing things from copper pipes to the little copper wires used in mobile phones and other electrical appliances. Even in this very classroom I am sure there is something made out of copper. Even coins are made out of copper. But the most common thing copper is used for is electrical wiring and other electrical purposes as copper is an excellent electrical conductor. In fact half of the copper consumed is used for electrical generators and motors, electrical power and lighting fixtures, electrical wiring, radio and television sets, computers and almost everything electrical. Copper is also a great head conductor as it is used for stoves and the bottom of fry pans.
Where is it found?
Copper is found deep in the earths crust. Because it copper is slow to react it is usually found in its purest form. This was how many ancient cultures were able to get the metal quite easily and take advantage of it. today most of the copper is formed from minerals such as copper sulfides or copper carbonates.
What are the properties of copper?

Copper has a melting point of 1083 °C and has a Boiling point of 2595 °C. It has a Density of 8.9 g.cm-3 at 20°C. Copper is an excellent electrical and heat conductor. It is also very ductile as it can be easily bent and stretched into a wires hence why it is used and lot in computers, mobile phones and tvs.

How is it formed?
Copper is formed when large masses of molten rock containing little amounts of copper fluid are cooled down and solidified deep in the earths crust. When the molten rock is cooling down other minerals begin to solidify first. This makes the copper fluid more concentrated.Also when the molten rock is cooling large crystals are formed along with smaller ones forming around them, these smaller ones are porphyries. This crystallization process causes the rock to shrink causing the rock to crack. The remaining copper fluid then moves into these cracks and solidifies. Over millions of years the rocks and earth covering the deposits then erode away to bring the deposits to the surface.
Thanks for listening
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