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No description

Donjuan AL-baker

on 8 December 2012

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Transcript of TQM

By Lolwa Al-Baker
&Fatima Al-Muhannadi About the Company Introduction TQM Case Study Manufactures Company Problem:
Customer Complaints
Product Quality
Internal Scheduling
Capacity Automation and Robotic Research Institution (ARRI) "Distributing advanced manufacturing theories and philosophies then withdrew " Rheaco's Weakness Poor Level of Quality Rheaco, Inc.: Making a Quality
Turnabout by Asking for Advice Rheaco's Strength Employee's Stability ARRI Recommendations for Rheaco : Cellular Manufacturing
Just-in-time inventory control
Total Quality Management
Employee Empowerment
Other Improvements:
1. shipping and receiving of products
2. inventory control
3. Human resource management After working with ARRI:
The company was able to spot and fix their problem in an efficient way ... Q1: Many companies fail in their effort to improve quality without ever having asked for advice. in your opinion what are some of the reasons that inhabit firms from asking for timely advice? if you were a manager at Rheaco, would you have sought out an agency like the ARRI? "Its flow rate improved and its output also increased by 300% and its customer relationship became solid" Q2: Discuss ARRI'S Recommendations to Rheaco? how did these recommendations help Rheaco improve it productivity? Q3: ARRI's initial evaluations of Rheaco indicated that Rheaco's employees, despite the company's difficulties, had an overall positive attitude. Do you believe this factor contributed to ARRI's ability to provide Rheaco advice? why or why not? THANK YOU FOR LISTENING Any Questions? Done By:
Lolwa AL-Baker
Fatima AL-Muhannadi
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