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Social and Economic aspects of England during Shakespeare's

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Jamie Gomez

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Social and Economic aspects of England during Shakespeare's

Social and Economic aspects of England during Shakespeare's time
Majority of people lived in poverty, earning enough to survive
Occupations During Shakespeare's Time
Social Order
Social Customs
Generally, the women would not take part in deciding who they would marry. It was generally decided for them and they would follow suite because this was part of life as a woman during the this period.
Daily Life In England
They believed that God had formed these social ranks and had showered blessings on each rank. Their Parliament had also regulated the clothes that can only be worn by each rank. For a laborer to wear clothes of the rich was not allowed and considered to be a defiance of the order.
Bad harvests, inflation, lack of jobs and a rise of population
The early modern period also saw the rise of capitalist economies.
In the city of London, the streets were narrow, the houses were cramped and there were a lot of furtive alleys.
Most of the population lived in small villages with less than 500 residents.
As far as records go, there is no sign of any divorce during shakespeares time. Since woman considered to be inferior during these times it would be considered a horrible thing.
When individual died, there was a need to write and inventory of all the possessions accounted to that individual because this was informative source of the remaining witness on how the subjects of the shakespeares era lived.
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