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The Intolerable Acts

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Bryn Valdez

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of The Intolerable Acts

The Boston Port Act
The Boston Port Act was the effect of the Boston Tea Party

King George the 3rd enforced the law on March 31, 1774

The Boston Port was shut down using barricades,
stopping all all goods going out for money or ships coming in.

The act could be stopped by paying or trading for English merchandise destroyed in riots
The Administration of Justice Act
The Massachusetts Government Act
The Massachusetts Government Act was another effect of the Boston Tea Party

The act stopped the Boston Legislature from meeting

It became law on May 20,1774

It was designed to keep all of the Massachusetts Government and all of the Massachusetts colonists in order
The Quartering Act
Became Law on May 3 ,1765

Forced the Colonists to provide British soilders with a place to sleep and things to eat

The Colonists were enraged with this particular act
The Intolerable Acts
By:Bryn Valdez, Merlin Campbell, Kaitlynn Padilla, and Braden Martinez
Law was passed on May 20,1774

The Law was effective in Massachusetts Bay, New England

The Act said that any royal official that committed a crime in America would be taken back to England and put to an unfair trial

It also suppressed riots
The Quebec Act
This law told colonists that they could not go on western claims even if they owned them

Act was passed in 1774

The extra western land was given to and made part of Ontario,Canada
How the Intolerable Acts effected the Colonists & Revolution
The Intolerable Acts effected the colonists by putting unfair taxes on them and forcing them to do things they most definitely DID NOT want to do!

It impacted the Revolution by making the colonists pay so many taxes in such a short time. The colonists finally snapped under all of these taxes and decided to fight back!
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