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No description

Kristy Mostrey

on 20 May 2011

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Transcript of Feathers

n Feathers Setting The setting of my book
Feathers takes place in
the 1970's. The auther
never specificly
named the place but
on the internet she stated
that she was imagining a
point between Brooklyn
and Queens border right
near Kennedy Airport. Characters There are 3 main characters that I would like to talk about. The first one is Frannie, Frannie is a tall black haired 12 year old girl. Frannie has dark skin, and dark brown eyes. Frannie is a very honest, and quiet person, and she trys her best to stay out of trouble. But trouble always seems to find her. There is also Trevor. Trevor is a 12 year old boy. He is short and chubby with dark skin and deep hazle nut brown hair done up in an afro. Trevor is the school bully, he is rude and disrespectful and likes to pick on people. Lastly there is Jesus boy. Jesus boy is the outcast of their school, and almost everyone picks on him because hes white. The book never reveals his real name. Jesus boy is tall and slim with curly golden blonde hair thats down to his shoulders. He has pale white skin and dark grey eyes. He is very different, and quiet. HOPE IS THE THING
WITH FEATHERS. Main events the main problem
in my book is that Jesus boy moves to price school that is all black people and he is white. people start to pick on him just because he is different especially Trevor. They start to call him jesus boy because he mysteriously appeared at price school. and he is showing signs that he may be jesus. The solution to this problem is that the jesus boy finally stands up for himself to trevor and shows people that maybe he isnt all that different after all. and after that people start to respect him and treat him just like everyone else, and he finally fits in. Favourite part My favourite part of this book is when the Jesus boy finally stands up for himself and proves that even though he is a different colour on the outside on the inside he is the same as everyone else. Then finally people start to respect him, and he has defeated the school bully Opinion My opinion on this book is that it is a really good book and i really enjoyed it . I would give it a 7 out of 10. this book would have been better if the author would have explained the setting a little bit more. and made it a little less confusing. Also if there was more than one problem. I recomend this book for just about anyone who likes to read. it is great for any age group and it is a really interesting book Advertisement Frannie goulding is very confused about what to think of this new boy at her school. He is the only white boy at price school for blacks. But dispite his pail white reflection claims he isnt white. Who is this boy ? for frannie throughout the summer alot of things are about to change faster than she can handle. Is this boy really Jesus? if so what does he want from her ? About the author Jacqueline woodson is an American author who has written numorous award winning books for children and young adults JacqUELINE WOODSON BY Thank You !
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