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Tiger Woods: A tragic hero

No description

Devin Sparrow

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Tiger Woods: A tragic hero

Tiger Woods: A tragic hero
A presentation by:
Sydne Ware
Devin Sparrow
Gabriela Muehlberger

Woods was born Eldrick Woods on December 30, 1975, in Cypress, California. The boy was gifted not only with exceptional playing abilities, but he also possessed a passion for the sport.

Woods first gained national attention on a talk show when he beat the famed comedian and avid golfer Bob Hope (1903–) in a putting contest. The young boy was only three at the time, and he was quickly hailed as a prodigy, or a child with remarkable talent. Not long after that, when he was five years old, Woods was featured on the popular television show That's Incredible!
Noble Birth
Tiger Woods became known at a very young age for his golf skills. He became the youngest person ever to win the Masters title.
Tragic Flaw
Tiger Woods' tragic flaw was that he was never faithful or loyal to his family. This lead to him becoming an adulterer and a cheater.
Reversal of Fortune
Tiger Woods was found cheating on his wife. After this he lost many endorsements for golf. He also lost his family and the respect he earned.Tiger lost his number one ranking and is no longer the reigning champion of any event
Increase in Self-awareness
Tiger Woods realized he lost almost everything after he lost his wife, kids and 3 of his major endorsements.
Pity & Purging of Emotion
After becoming realizing what he had done , Tiger Woods admitted that he was wrong and had made a mistake and was very sorry for what he had done.
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