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Being a Musician Is a Business... Say Whaa?

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Elena Miller

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Being a Musician Is a Business... Say Whaa?

How Music and Business... Mashup
Branding... (Competitive Edge)
Musicians need something for them to stand out with, something that their fans can remember.
Examples would be how Ke$ha uses a $ symbol instead of an S for her name or how Haley Williams of Paramore has her signature fiery red locks
Just like you would for like Walmart or Target, you gotta market your product to the fans/customers.
High Techiness...
Music production is most important when trying to make it big. If you produce a product that sounds like your four year old cousin banging on the pots and pans no one will buy it.
Being a Musician Is a Business... Say Whaa?
Yes, yes it is my friends. If you're a an aspiring small musician, than you do indeed run a business.
Like "conventional" businesses, you'll need to know how to use technology to produce your product, compete in a fierce competitive environment, and then be able to market their finished product.
So what have we learned?
That you can use Ke$ha as an example for a business class...

On a serious level, if you want to be a successful musician you have to treat your music like a business. You can't just treat it like a hobby and expect Justin Beiber results.
So what's the Run Down?
I'm going to tell y'all all about how musicians are actually a business and how you gotta run them like you're running a business.
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