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Parent Technology Orientation Fall 2012

No description

katherine koonce

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Parent Technology Orientation Fall 2012

iLearning at CPA:
Why and How is Technology Being Used? the digital natives are restless Where are we now in our technology programs at CPA? learning to use technology using technology to learn a word about digital textbooks Essential Question:
How can we impact the digital culture at CPA in a way that imparts the knowledge and skills that students will need at higher levels of learning and in the workforce?
So, why the iPad? Do we need to more fully address technology or possibly change the digital culture at CPA? Responsible Use Policy
enforce Teaching the 21st Century Skills
to teachers
to students
to parents
to all stakeholders internet access with content filter culture of personal responsibility PHASE ONE PHASE TWO PHASE THREE PHASE FOUR 21st Century Learning 9th and 10th grade students required to have iPads increase numbers of iPad classroom sets in grades K-6 RUP regularly revisited and enforced students who are not required to have iPads may bring their own in HS and upper MS ongoing technology professional development for teachers a priority all teachers with outfitted students also receive iPads 7th - 12th grades
using required iPads ongoing review and adoption of
digital textbooks and curriculum require basic specifications of apps and iPad settings ongoing technology instruction of teachers, parents and students RUP is central to teaching all teachers PreK-12 using developmentally appropriate iPad instructional techniques seamless use of iPads and laptops PreK-12 every year the RUP is reviewed and retaught
to the CPA community ongoing consideration of classroom technologies that enhance learning all grade levels in ES and preK with iPad classroom sets increase the number of Promethean boards and other classroom technology used The Purpose: Technology is a transparent
and fluid agent through which students:
learn new concepts,
practice existing skills,
engage in remediation when needed,
participate in enrichment,
create unique products,
and explore new ideas. Network Readiness
Financial Feasibility
Programmatic Coordination
Responsible Use Policy
Oversight of Communications
Digital Textbooks and Basic Specs
Academic Enhancement How you can help . . . Annual Fund:
Academics: Technology Students grades 7-12
issued school email
addresses and given
individual access
to the Internet Classroom Sets
One-to-one Teacher Directed
Student Directed
Learning Learning
outside the
walls Technology Team Know and enforce the RUP at home How can I keep updated? How are iPads Most Effectively Used? Keep yourself as
up-to-date as possible - be a learner yourself Information literacy
as a 21st century skill good digital citizenship as a 21st century skill Every Minute Matters
The Hook
Tight Transitions
Use of music
100 Percent
Strong Voice
Positive Framing
The J Factor
Technology Integration
Investigative approach Think, Pair, Share
Visual hooks
Questioning strategies
Formative assessment
Strategic grouping
Change the Pace
Break it Down
Polling of Students Some of the teaching
strategies used today: creativity and innovation critical thinking and problem solving communication and collaboration literacy (information, media, technology) flexibility and adaptability productivity, accountability, and responsibility initiative and self-direction If I were to buy my child an iPad for Christmas, what are the basic specs recommended? Find your partner Using the DocsTeach app, work together to match the Article of the Constitution with the appropriate primary source document. digital natives and digital immigrants digital citizenship Will technology ever take the place of active, high-quality teaching? Help your child think of learning as both a life-LONG and a life-WIDE process. Who do I contact with questions? Work with your partner . . .
Student-Directed Learning "blended" and "flipped" classrooms 21st Century Learning Skills Thank you for coming! “Technology will never replace teachers; in fact, it will make teachers even more important. Technology will give teachers valuable real-time data to diagnose students’ weak points and design appropriate interventions. It will enable teachers to more quickly gauge students’ comprehension of new topics so they can adjust their lesson plans on the spot.”
Salman Khan
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