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Unlocking The Vault

No description

Sharon Chandler

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Unlocking The Vault

Graham Howell g.howell@jths.co.uk
Sharon Chandler s.chandler@jths.co.uk John Taylor High School.....The Vault
"Unlocking Potential, Securing Success" September 2011
SLN2...the dark days! Future developments
Parent portal
Secure gateway
Can access existing resources on current network drive
Works in conjunction with existing software: Sims, Raise online, GCSE Pod, MyMaths
Google integration
Online forms such as options forms, Student surveys can be developed December 2011 Frog Very lengthy Process!!!
Designer from Frog to school
Wanted a 'bespoke system'
500+ email later....... Light hearted roll out to staff
Turn off email access
Confident teachers to students
Timetabled drop in sessions every week September Led by middle managers that are passionate and willing to spend time outside of lessons
No reliance on technical support - we have found our own way round the toolkit
Time on design
Realistic rollout: Parents not until next year
Extra training across variety of departments
Forced email login (staff then looked around of own accord)
Time for twilights (50 staff-most popular twilight ever!)
Whole school benefits: options forms, student voice. Why has it worked at John Taylor? Issues with the current platform....
File Upload time
Few students logged in
Staff seemed to ‘lose work’ within the platform
Not user friendly
Multiple logons
No parent portal
1 member of SLT driving Design Process 3 to Halifax
12 Frog champions
1 extra trainer
2 days off timetable in summer term June All departments have resources
Options Dec 2012
More whole school initiatives to save on admin (found Frog conference very useful for ideas)
Parent logon
The Vault TV Future
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