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Wall Demo

No description

Rich Kelly

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of Wall Demo

Global Scale & Local Know-how
Turn Data into Insight
Gain Scientific/Therapeutic Insight
Use Technology to Innovate
Apply Global Scale
& Local Know-how

Assure Predictable Delivery
Deliver New Approaches & Innovative Thinking
Patient Care

On-the-ground insight
increases success
Local site knowledge
maps patients by
therapeutic area
global scale
Credentials that prove our commitment
Transforming healthcare delivery in Asia
Latin America's
growing market
Maximize Investments
Turn Data
into Insight
Providing compelling evidence to stakeholders
Quintiles Infosario
multiple data, one location
Delivering the data- driven difference

Integrated channel management strategy
Big data prompts valuable intelligence
Scientific/Therapeutic Insight
Evolving the oncology paradigm
Combining therapeutic knowledge with data-driven insights
Helping to deliver the best selling treatments
Navigating changes in diabetes clinical trials
Accelerating success in oncology
Examining the promise of precision medicine
Patient Care
The industry’s highest adherence rates
Creating the standard for comparative effectiveness research
Strengthening patient relationships digitally
Dedicated to continuous quality improvement
Committed to guarding patient safety
Use Technology
to Innovate
Recognized as information technology innovators
Quintiles’ design platform improves planning
Connecting data from multiple sources
Quintiles Infosario
wins Informatica award
Quintiles Infosario
wins 2013 Scrip award
Computerworld honors Quintiles Infosario
as editor’s choice
Assure Predictable Delivery
Optimization informed by experience
Increasing your likelihood of approvals
Continuous improvement in commercial
Honored for partnerships with sites
Quintiles honored as best CRO
Providing the right route to trial success
Maximize Investments
Quintiles’ clinical-commercial convergence blueprint
Demonstrating value to different stakeholders
Portfolio strategies that accelerate results
Optimization through core diagnostic tools
Improving outcomes by engaging stakeholders
Deliver New Approaches & Innovative Thinking
Applying systems thinking to drug development
Empowering patients with online resources
Advancements via new monitoring models
New statistical models enable more precise identification
of subpopulations
Creating an innovative commercial model
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