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Southern Gothic Television

No description

Brigid Cherry

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Southern Gothic Television

Southern Gothic Television
Adrian Parr 2008
The past is not so much a tangible terrain, a demarcated and identifiable space, or a monumental time that acts as a warning or reminder both in the present and for future generations, but an admixture of times that affirm the present and future and in so doing encourage a more nomadic subjectivity that identifies with a variety of subjectivities. (143)
True Blood
American Horror Story Coven
The Walking Dead
American Gothic
The Vampire Diaries
Televisuality & Generic Hybridity
Punter and Byron 2004
Southern gothic is a subgenre “which appropriates elements of the traditional gothic, combines them with the particular concerns of the American south, and is characterised by an emphasis on the grotesque, the macabre and, very often, the violent, investigating madness, decay and despair, and the continuing pressures of the past upon the present, particularly with respect to the lost ideals of a dispossessed Southern aristocracy and the continuance of racial hostilities (116-7)
T.M. Leitch 2007
Contemporary Southern Gothic adaptations are "an intertext designed to be worked through, like a window on their source text.” (30)
Victoria Amadour 2012
Through juxtapositions of the familiar and un-familiar, the original and adapted texts readily establish macabre tonal strategies already associated with the Southern states and made more threatening by their conjunction with the banalities of real southern life: the maddening humidity, the pungent odours, the barely tameable landscape and the uneasy truce between the races.
Ken Gelder 1994
The Southern states are a complex site of contradictions, “a place in the New World which is nevertheless somehow older and more decadent than Europe, simultaneously “primitive” and sophisticated, a “mixture” of all kinds of peoples” (110)
Literary sources
Past & present
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