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Music in Advertising - Year 9

This prezi is to help analyse current tv adverts and further understanding the important part music plays in in advertising.

Andrew Veale

on 28 March 2012

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Transcript of Music in Advertising - Year 9

Music in Advertising What role does music play in Television adverts? The Jingle The Pop Song / Target Marketing Back Ground music The catchy/annoying tune! The Jingle is a little tune that will usually appear at the end of a commercial. Its short, catchy and after a while becomes a part of the product or company A good jingle is not a work of art - writers will beg, borrow, steal and endlessly recycle ideas in search of the perfect hook. A Jingle is not always very short motif.... ...But is definately still catchy and we know
what it is advertising Sometimes the most annoying tunes stick in our heads..... Advertisers develop the advert over time, but still as annoying Adverts use a lot of classical music as background music - perhaps to add prestige and class to a product If the target audience for a product is for young people the
advertisers will use appropriate music... Though sometimes even classical
music can get stuck in our heads In this lesson you will: Listen to music in adverts and discuss its affects.

Identify target audiences from different music.

Create your own jingle for a product.

Perform jingles to the class Matching Products with Music On your sheet write down which product fits the music playing either: Energy Drink Adventure/Trekking Holiday Luxury Car Beach Holiday What Level are you Working At? Jingle The Jingle:
Is so catchy that it will capture everyone’s attention regardless? Level 4

Relate's to a target audience? Level 5

Or does it do both? Level 6 In this lesson you will:

Identify target audiences or products from different music.

Create your own jingle for a product.

Perform jingles to the class. Radio Advert Today in pairs you are to create a product and develop a radio advert to sell it Your Product What is it? What does it do? Name of product... Special Features.... Size? Colour? Where can you buy it? How Much? Creating your advert 1. Choose a product (original)
2. Discuss product style, function, target market, image price etc..
3. Create 'JINGLE' Slogan for end of advert
4. Create 'JINGLE' music
5. Write 'VOICE-OVER' and complete a script
6. Create 'BACKGROUND MUSIC' for rest of advert - must attract target market Music and Advertising Levels 5 Has most elements, using auto accompianment
6 Has all elements, uses chords and melody. Jingle is catchy
7 Background music suits product/target market. Has bass/rhythmic parts. All elements executed in time & tune
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