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Interviewing Customers with mTurk

No description

Justin Wilcox

on 10 November 2012

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Transcript of Interviewing Customers with mTurk

being late sucks waste of time & Interviewing Customers ...the Easy Way Mark Horoszowski Justin Wilcox & CustomerDevLabs.com Not your average Talk Keep trucking Stop & Interview them Customers calling in Raise your hand... Surveyed customers Interviewed customers A product that made interviewing customers easier... Discover interviewees
Conduct interview
Or analyze interviews How much would you pay? $.99/interview
Nothing We're not pitching a product customer survey This was an example... Half the questions were useless What features do you want? Analyze interviews? Discover interviewees? How much would you pay? Humans = awful predictors Worse... Do you give a shit? Finally No why? questions Not useless Past behavior Have you ever...? Do you own...? Surveys not good at... What problems do you have? Future behavior Why questions Accurate results 15% surveys interviews 85% 1:1 conversations with... potential customers Interviews No Silver Bullet - Time investment - Not statistically significant Incredible for... - Identifying customer pain - Asking why? - Pivoting Problem: Interviewing customers: Sales people, real estate agents, busy parents, etc. Not a problem How big of a problem is running late? How big of a problem is waiting for friends? Customer Development Mark: Founder MovingWorlds.org Justin: Founder NeedToBounce.com Bounce Lean startup experiments ...easier to? Scientific process identifying customer pain eliminating it ...for $ Steve Blank Why do you want that feature? Why don't you interview customers? Why do want that pricing model? Getting out of the building = faster pivots Interviews "I'm not late, but my brother is." "I would totally get that for my boss!" Surveys Interviews + = being late sucks late friends suck Interviewing Finding people to interview friends & family ask for introductions Codeless Pivot Strangers cold emails quora, LinkedIn groups, etc. Mechanical Turk Mechanical Turk Small amounts of work small amounts of $ Who are Turkers? 2. People looking for ca$h 1. Bored people Keep prices low Pro like a Don't suck Say Thank You Open ?'s It's About them
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