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Theodore Onuwa

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of RENAISSANCE

What was the Renaissance all about?
The Renaissance was basically about rebirth, creativity, literature and learning with the European culture. The Renaissance was essentially a cultural movement which encompassed a revival of learning based on classical sources. The Renaissance was the period of art and creativity; meaning that the Renaissance was all about rediscoverment.
How did the development of the printing press affect civilization in general, and the lives of people specifically?
The development of the printing press had a great impact on North European Renaissance. The printing press made book more accessible, and therefore knowledgable.
How were the lives of people living during the Renaissance similar to our lives today? How were their lives different?
Honestly, during the renaissance; there is so many benefits and technology that we have today, that wasn’t accessible during the renaissance era. Such as phones, computers and the internet. The Renaissance describes a period of cultural movement and educational reform. Today, art is also valued even though it takes the form of TV, movies, and digital art. Educational reform is also occurring, but the structure is different.
What impact did European domination have on various regions and the world?
Well, European domination of the world saw the spread of European religious, political, and economic ideas to all parts of the earth.
How did change that took place in science, the arts, politics, religion, and education accelerate global political and economic expansion?
The Plague killed off nearly half the population of Europe in less than a decade. With property came innovations in farming and cultivation, and the population suddenly cared about their work because they owned the means of production. This lead to an enlightenment on economic as well as cultural grounds. The populations of Europe that survived the plague had developed a new understanding of the world around them simply from experiencing the disease and witnessing its effect on humanity.
Ted Onuwa Jr
How did politics, economics, geographic and social implications affect cultural expansion during this period?
politics- Protestant reformation
economics- Italy became a lead trade center
geographic- The New World is established
social- Germany produced the philosophy of Humanism

How are societies altered by the change from rural to urban society?

Were as a rural society tends to be less based on keeping time, urban society is based around scheduling and appointments. People loose space, and become crowded. Crowding brings on it's own problems, as it does cause concern for some health risks, mental and physical. It also causes people to become more aggressive. you have the simple there is more pollution and more people. You have the destruction of natural areas.
What effect did the new political and economic ideas have?
The renaissance is generally understood as moving away from authority as the primary source for understanding the world, and our place in it, and embracing the primacy of evidence and reason, instead.
What were some of the advances in technology, education, literature and the arts?
There were so many important technological advances in the Renaissance that it is hard to narrow this question down. I would argue that the most important of these advances was the printing press.The printing press was so important because it made printed materials much cheaper and more widely available than they ever had been before. This allowed more people to become educated and it allowed ideas to spread rapidly.

How did religion change during this period? What effect has this had on world religion as we know it today?
“During the Middle Ages it was essential that people were given the last rites and had the chance to confess their sins before they died. The spread of the deadly plague in England was swift and the death rate was almost 50% in isolated populations such as monasteries. There were not enough clergy to offer the last rites or give support and help to the victims. The situation was so bad that Pope Clement VI was forced to grant remission of sins to all who died of the Black Death. Victims were allowed to confess their sins to one another, or "even to a woman". The church could offer no reason for the deadly disease and beliefs were sorely tested.”
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