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Honduran Myths and Legends

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jennifer gonzalez

on 1 February 2016

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Transcript of Honduran Myths and Legends

Honduran Myths, Tales, and Legends
La Sucia
La Cigua
La Cigua (as shes known in honduras) is a shapeshifting spirit who looks like an attractive women from the back; long-haired and often wearing a thin and translucent white dress. On dark nights while shes bathing men come upon her. They dont see her real face until shes lured them into danger, or gotten them hopelessly lost. Until they actually see her real face they either see a horse face or a human skull. The Cigua is one of the terrifying ones in honduras.
La Sucia
In Honduras they call La Llorona (the weeping women) La Sucia (the dirty women). Its been said that she roams around the rivers of Honduras.
The Honduran version of La Sucia (La Llorona) is that she was a very beautiful married women; That got abandoned by her husband. Now its said she roams rivers seducing men that walk by. When the man gets to close, she changes into a horrible old lady that drives them insane
El Cipitio
El Cipitio
El Cipitio is a ten year old boy with a big belly and legendly the son of El Lucero de La Manana (the morning star) and the Cigua. The God Teotl cursed the poor boy to wander the earth forever, with his feet pointing backwards; When the Ciguas husband discovered the affair. Ever since, when people come across the foot prints they follow them, but are always led to the wrong direction. According to the legend, El Cipitio wears a massive sombrero and is generally a playful, mischievous spirit, not an evil one.
By: Jennifer Gonzalez
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