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Pete Seeger

No description

Nika Ahanchi

on 10 March 2016

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Transcript of Pete Seeger

We shall overcome
by: Nika Ahanchi

Who are the Freedom Riders?
The Freedom Riders are a group of multi-cultural (african american and white) people who were civil right activist. They didn't believe in segregation and wanted to put an end to discrimination. To prove their point they rode buses all around the Southern Untied States, to see how blacks were treated. On their journey they received lots of publicity but also encountered multiple violent scenarios caused by people who didn't like the point they were tying to prove.
We shall overcome had many powerful messages. I think the main emotion they wanted you to feel was sadness. I think his song wanted to make people feel like this because he wanted to make the citizens feel bad for all the things they made the african americans do. He wanted to include in his song how society wouldn't always stay like this so we shouldn't continue to support segregation.
Pete Seeger
How do you think the song links to the Freedom Riders movement?

I think the Freedom Riders are linked to this song "We shall overcome" because they're both trying to prove the same point. They both want to put an end to segregation. Both groups showed different ways on how they wanted to end segregation (writing a songs and riding buses). In his song he says "We are not afraid" I can make a reference to the Free Riders. The Freedom Riders were brave people who knew the dangers when they boarded that bus, they still continued their journey even after the violence occurred. They were not afraid "we are not afraid" meaning we are not afraid to stand up for what we believe in.
Pete Seeger is an American
1950's folk singer, song writer and television host. He is also a
social activist that supported
problems in the 1960's. Some of these problems are international disarmament, civil rights, counterculture and environmental causes. He raised awareness about these subjects about singing songs about the issue. Ex. Where have all the flowers gone? (environmental) or We shall over come (civil rights).

What types of emotions could be extracted from the lyrics of the song?

What types of meanings could be extracted from the lyrics of the song?

I think the meaning of this song is to end segregation. Just be the title I can infer that he means "we shall overcome" segregation. Pete Seeger included many sentences sort of "secret messages" in his songs. One of the sentences he said was "The whole wide world around some day" this means one day the world will work together rather than fight each other. "We shall live in peace" meaning no one will discriminate someone because of the color of their skin. He had hopped the lyrics of his song would make an impact on society.
What is segregation?
Segregation, separating multiple groups of people because of their religion, color and so on. Everyday is society segregation is preformed. People don't like the idea of having "different humans" amongst them. During the 1900's after slavery was abolished most people still did not blacks to be able to use the same luxuries as them. So every store in the United States (mostly southern) made labels such as "whites only" or "colored.
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