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Red Dwarf Star

A project attempting to show the class more on Red Dwarf Stars.

Darrien Adler

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Red Dwarf Star

A composition of
Oxygen This is what we think of when a
person is to say star.
But there are more advanced
classifications of stars. This presantantion will be on the classification: "Red Dwarf Star.". For starters, the red Dwarf Star
is simply a star that is nearing its final day, of which it will collapse, supernova, or just cool down into a rock. Red Dwarf Stars grow, and consume more energy then that of a normal star. If our sun were to magically become a
Red Dwarf Star over-night,
we would be dead,
and it would have grown
to about 1000x its
origanal size. The closest Red Dwarf Star to Earth
is approximately 4.2 light years away Sadly, this is the end,
don't blame Microsoft,
blame Mr. B Addidtionally, they are dimmer. Due to time restrictions...
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