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BP Oil Spill Disaster

No description

Nick Mathews

on 2 March 2011

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Transcript of BP Oil Spill Disaster

BP Oil Disaster Economic Social Environmental Estimates say that it will cost 12.5
Billion for the full fix There were 12 better dispersants than Corexit BP chose Corexit because it was
available the week of the explosion 2 of the chemicals in Corexit can cause cancer and liver cancer in animals 2 people have died due
to oil related causes, 11 because
of the explosion of the rig. BP executives were celebrating
the safety of the Deepwater Horizon
oil rig when it blew up. Out of all the animals collected,
about 2749 animals have died due to oil related causes. (Mammals, birds and turtles) They stopped the leak
by lowering a sealing cap. A big explosion of the rig was
considered "Unlikely" after
prelimanary views. Transocean Ltd., the owner of
the Deepwater Horizon put
insurance on the rig so they have
made a profit of $270 million when
the rig blew up. The grand total of oil spilled
is bigger than the state of Florida
at over 206 million U.S gallons. 5 wild schemes to cap the spill before the cap included Nuking it, Human Hair, Meditation, Frozen Carbon Dioxide and Peat Moss which soaks up oil. The slick has stretched to over 68,000
square miles, bigger than 28 US States. Over 12,000 people in Louisiana
lost their jobs because of the spill Out of all the animals collected,
about 6,466 have been saved
(Mammals, birds and Turtles) The spill still hasn't been
cleaned BP has already spent
well over $1.25 billion
of their own money trying
to fix the spill Financial experts
say that this might triple
before it's finally cleaned It is the worst spill in
American History Some reports say that
the oil has hit Venice, LA on
the coastline. Other reports say it's
hit the Florida panhandle. By Nick.M The spill is much larger than the runner up spill the Exxon Valdez. Over 75,920 square miles
of the Gulf of Mexico currently
closed to fishing The chemicals that cause cancer/liver cancer in animals are called 2-Butoxythanol and another is organic sulfonate and the last one is proplyene glycol BP's stock value has lost
$25 billion which is more than
Google makes in a year ($20 billion) Experts say that some
dispersants are harmful
and possibly lethal to
your health and body.
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