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Natural Disasters and Relief Efforts

No description

Siyi Yan

on 12 May 2011

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Transcript of Natural Disasters and Relief Efforts

Natural disasters are the effects of natural hazards
There are many different types of natural disasters
Around the world Natural Disasters and Relief Efforts By: Siyi Yan By:Siyi Yan What are Natural Disasters?
Natural Disasters What are Earthquakes and What Causes Them? By:Siyi Yan Earthquakes are an instantaneous shock of movement
The 2 major cause of earthquake, volcanic eruption and when the tectonic plates are affected
They are mesured by the Richter scale Types of Earthquakes There are 3 types of earthquakes
Transformation Where Do Earthquakes Occur? Most earthquakes occur along oceanic and continental plates and fault lines
Haiti, the Caribbieans, India, the Philippines, etc. What Are Tsunamis and What Causes Them? A tsunami is a series of large water water waves
Mostly cause by earthquakes in the Subduction Zone
Submarine landslides, submarine volcanic eruptions, and large meteorite
What happens during and earthquake Where Do Tsunamis Occur?
Occurs in the Pacific Ocean
Rim of Fire/Ring of Fire
E Types of Tsunamis Tidal waves
Tidal bore
Internal waves/underwater waves
Storm waves/sea surges
Seiche What Are Tornados and What Causes Them? Tornados are violent, dangerous, rotating column
The Fujita Scale
Tornados occurs when different temperatures collide
The tornado forming Where Do Tornados Occur? U.S.A
"Tornado Ally" Types of Tornados Supercell Tornadoes
Dust Devils
Firewhirls What Are Volcanic Eruptions and What Causes Then? Volcanic eruption are eruptions
3 main theories
Caused by the magma in the magma chamber
When new magma injects into another magma chamber
What made up the magma Where Do Volcanic Eruptions Occur Thank You For Watching! 16 major plates
Rim of Fire/Ring of Fire
Hot spots
Occurring on the ocean floor Types of Volcanic Eurptions Hawaiian Eruptions
Strombolian Eruption
Vulcanian Eruption
Surtseyan Eruption
Plinian Eruption

What Are Landslides and What Causes Them? Rock flows
Landscapes are held together by friction of bedrock and the overlying sediment.
Earthquakes Any sloped areas
British Columbia
U.S.A. Where do Landslides Occur? What Types of Landslides are there? Slides
Falls What Are Hurricanes and What Causes Them? Very large swirling storm
water and winds
When the hot air rises, it create lower pressure for the air below Where do Hurricanes Occur? Ocuur in warmest region of the planet
Oceans What types of Hurricanes? Category 1
Category 2
Category 3
Category 4
Category 5 What are Relief Efforts? Relief efforts cover a wide range of interventions
It could cover immediate responses
It also includes external provision of specialized personnel
Money Why We Need Relief Efforts? exceeds the limit of a country
do not have the requried elements
Lack of of Relief Efforts
because of issues Hardships of Raising Money it is very hard to raise money for relief efforts
when these disasters occur, money has to be found
private sectors and richer countries Types of Relief Efforts Food relief
Medical relief
Repair relief
Water relief Tornado in Daulatpur-Salturia What was it?
The Daulatpur-Salturia tornado was a tornado
It occur on April 26, 1989
Ranking and costs
Drought Damage, Effects, and Relief Efforts Damage
Damage was all over the area
Fujita Scale rating
Bare skeletons of trees remain
Path was about 50 miles long Effects
Economy drops Relief Efforts
??? Eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines What is it
June 15, 1991, Mount Pinatubo, Luzon
500, 3000, and 5500
1990, Magnitude 7.8 earthquake
Sulfur dioxide and sulfuric acid Dammages, Effects, and Relief Efforts Damage
800 people and 100,000
millions of tons
far and nearby villages
half of a billion dollars Effects
central Luzon
stratosphere and aerosol particles
cooling effect
global harvest and 650,000 Relief Efforts
r Relief Efforts
Major resources diverted
(DSWD) was provide with relief
July 29, 1991, USAID/OFDA delivered a shipment
6 August, 1992, OFDA, 375,000
700 school buildings with 4,700 classrooms, 236,700 and 7009
instructional materials, furniture, equipment Hurricane Katrina What is it?
catagory 5 hurricane, 175mph, on August 28, 2005
August 23, 2005, over the Bahamas and over southern Florida
August 29 and southeast Louisiana
5 deadliest hurricane Damage, Effects and Relief Efforts Damage
1,836 people
zone is 90,000 square mile
New Orleans and 6 feet below
Louisiana's sugar industry
113 offshore oil and gas platforms and also damaged 457 pipelines and price increase
$90.9 billion Effects
more than one million people
breeding grounds
16 National Wildlife Refuges
oil and the ecosystem
used $105 billion for repairs and did not account for damage to the economy Relief Efforts
more than 60 nations have offered
the United States officially asked for immediate help and 500,000
on September 2, China, 5 million, 1000, 600
non-govermental responses US$4.25 billion
opened 1,470 different
244,000 workers
68 million snacks and meals Earthquake in Haiti What is it
on January 12, 2010 it hit 10 miles southwest
occurred at a fault
Worst Earthquake 200yrs and three million
By January, 24, there 52 Damage, Effects, and Relief Efforts Damage
316,000 people
important landmark buildings (Presidential Palace, the National Assembly building, etc.)
United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti
vital infrastructure
nursing school
Haitian art work and Centre d'Art, College Saint Pierre and Holy Trinity Cathedral.
250,000 residences and 30,000 commercial buildings
$14 billion Effects
no food
communications were down
lack of medical aid
ports and roads closed
deaths and injuries
destroyed buildings
damaged water supply
gas supply
mortality age
huge debt
jobs Relief Efforts
rescue efforts with surviovers
the UK government
aid had arrived from world leaders
supplies of food and fresh water
On 12 January, I.C.R.C
January 13, 2010, president Obama
U.S. Navy listed its resources 17, 48, 12, and 10,000
336 deliveries, 32,400 US gallons, 532,440, 111,082 and 9,000 lb by 22nd
For weeks, food relief came as...
End of January, United Nations system of food
January to December 2010, 12.9m Japan Earthquake and Tsunami What is it?
On Friday March 11, 2011 at 2:46 PM 8.9
most powerful earthquake
very large earthquake
72 km east of the Oshika Peninsula
waves up to 36 meters.
traveling up to 10 km
destruction of nuclear reactors Damage
15,000 people, 5,300 people and 11,000 people
damage was enormous
190,000 buildings
25 million tons of rubble
destroyed the diesel backup power systems for nuclear reactors
aftershock at Onagawa Nuclear Power Plant
fifteen ports
$300 billion Damage, Effects, and Relief Efforts Effects
rebuilding process
4.4 million households
years before it returns
loss of oil refinery which affects trade
loss of access to water supplies
importing of liquefied natural gas
ports Relief Efforts
J.R.S.C bring comfort
26 million Yuan
international federation of senior support group disaster management
pump truck valued 6 million Yuan
banks in Canada
3 million dollars
medical and relief groups throughout Japan
Plan International Canada, 5000
U.S. military, stationed both in Japan and the U.S
American Red Cross
made up of 400 doctors, nurses and support staff
all providing assistance Future Solutions More Preparation higher level of preparation
this would involve...
legislation and regulations Better environnemental Management what is environmental management
better environmental management
more likely to predict
where we are building Improved Infrastructure earthquake engineering
test building
lower the risk
costs Lord Corporation’s Labs
magnetorheological fluid
changes form because of magnetic force
buildings with dampers How We Can Help donate money:
The Red Cross
Save The Children
Salvation Army
Convoy of Hope
International Medical Corps
Shelter Box
United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR)
Operation Blessing International
donate food and clothing
virtual goods
embed a simple snippet U.N.E.P. not a funding agency
damage assessments, helps projects, mobilized financial support
analyses and reports trends
minimize environmental threats
to reduce and/or avert environment and disasters risk Conclusions Introduction
what are natural disasters
different types of natural disasters
where they occur
what are relief efforts
the natural disasters that occurr ed long and not-so-long ago
future solutions
how you can help important econmic crisis
millions are affected
important for us to help them
strengthen their country
in the future
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