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Biotechnology and Medicine in the Future

A school presentation on the sugestive biotechnology and medicine in the future.

Alva Taghioff

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Biotechnology and Medicine in the Future

Biotechnology and Medicine in the Future Introduction to Biotechnology and Medicine today Biotechnology is technology involved with nature, the genes of a biological substance multiplied, changed or changed for a purpose. Biotechnology can be used in medicine. Medicine is what heals us, makes us better after a disease, virus etc. Biotechnology can help us find out about medicines and may in the future be our medicine. Biotechnology in the Future Biotechnology has long been feared and seen both as our salvation and our doom. With Biotechnology you can change genes, duplicate them, yes even mass produce trees, animals and, prehaps, people. Biotechnology has been used by people for thousands of years to make medicine, improve agriculture and produce food. With Biotechnology there may never be a food shortage for anyone, food could be mass produced and thousands of apples could be made from one!
With Biotechnology we could make bigger and more resistant fruit, but there is a danger to Biotechnology. Nature has developed as it has to have a balanced ecosystem, if we change the nature itself, will terrible consequences come because our ecosystem comes out of balance? Will our genetically modified crops kill many other crops, and would that lead to animals dying because their food is non existent and the genetically modified food is animal repelling? There are risks to cloning as well as many moral issues. Some Christians find that the work of god should not be genetically modified. Other Christians argue that it will make the world better, but those are few. Medicine in the future This is a picture of a rose made from one cell In the future we might be genetically modified to be resistant to sicknesses. We might not even need doctors, there might be bionic limbs (robotic limbs) so efficient that they can get you somewhere faster that today's car, and look and feel like human limbs.
Also in the future, if we had cancer on our leg, we could just clone it and replace our leg with a new cloned one. Many doctors are a little worried that there will be no need for them in the future, robots will take over that job. Other people are worried that people in the future will be more android than human. There are many worries about making Frankenstein people.
Medicine in the future might not be needed, or it might be taken very regularly, for example Diabetes has increased a lot these last couple of years. We might eat medicine like we eat food today. The End By Alva and Alsa
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