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MAE 451 Portfolio

No description

Allicia Gurpersaud

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of MAE 451 Portfolio

Future Ventures...
Nanotechnology: I enjoy the subject of Nanotechnology because that is where the world is headed. Everything is becoming smaller and more compact. And like they say, "Great things can come in small packages..."
Mini Project 3
Thank you, Professor
I would like to dedicate this final circle to Professor Lewis. Your class is one that I looked forward attending every chance I had. You showed that becoming an engineer is worth the hardwork, the sacrifice, and the hair pulling in the end. I would like to say Thank you for a wonderful and fun semester. And it has been a pleasure being a student in your class.
MAE 451 Portfolio
name is...

I hail from Group One (1)
Mini Project Journey...
Immediate Strategy...
My role...
Usually, in group projects, I assume the role of team manager and reviser, however that role was taken on by another member. For this project, I completed the clues portion, which require us to present a set of clues similar to what Professor Lewis presents on the MAE 451 facebook page. To do so, I went to the nearest thrift store and purchase a used Gevalia Coffee maker and destro--- I mean carefully dissected it. I attempted to create clues that were uncommon, humourous, witty, and innovative.

To be honest, I felt that this first project would have been completed on a high note if we did not lack good communication, more group effort, and perhaps a different manager/reviser. I was disappointed by the work put into this first project because it was, in all honesty, lackadaisical in presentation, commuication, and effort on certain portions.
Group Members
Keerthi Kumar
Deanna Rudik
Rachel Kohlhagen
Ryan Karr
At first glanch of the project, our approach to this first assignment was dividing each portion of the project amongst one and other. Upon completing each section, we would use google drive as means of communication and editing when our group was unable to meet face to face. All changes or modifications MUST be discussed face to face, so we would combine all the completed sections for the final report.

After we took a closer look at Mini Project 1, our group realized we had to make a few modifications to our approach. We started instead by working together on the customer requirements and the
engineering specifications, and then continued on with remainder of our original approach to the project.
Mini Project One:
Product Archeology
Other groups...
Honestly, I did not really interacted with other groups during this Mini Project except for the occasional, "How is the project going?" or "How far did you guys get?". My other group members did not mention anything regarding the other groups either. The only feedback we received was the groups that would discuss their project details aloud.
Mini Project Two:
Motivate to Innovate
Organized Approach
We began the second project with a less sudden approach and more informed perspective. Our group decided not to work on each section individually or in pairs; instead we devoted a lot of our time to meeting with each other and working together one section at a time. From our last venture, we learned that the design process is a step by step function, which requires a large amount time in certain areas, and our group has a lot of issues keeping up with a schedule.
Other groups
We spoke with one other group during this project and when we asked, "how is their project progressing?", their group merely responded with a chuckle, shaking his head and said, "we have not even met yet".

So in all honesty, I guess our group was not the only one with scheduling issues.
My Role...
In this Mini Project, I assumed the role of Manager/Reviser. In all honesty, I do not know if another group member would call themselves the Manager because they felt that they were the only one on topic, so I guess Co-Manager if they felt that way. But in the end, I revised and assembled the project as professionally as I could. I learned from our last encounter that when entrust a team member to present a project, make sure you know how the other person creates a proposal. A project that is presented with no organization and is pure black and white words with no real professionalism is not acceptable, and companies do care how a proposal looks because it says a lot about that person. When I tried to discuss this with that individual, they proceed to disagree and providing the excuse of wanting to "save paper". It was upsetting to the rest of the group, however they did make up for it by keeping their on throughout the
course and greatly contributed to the work
portion of the project.
We began by trying understand the objective of the project, which was honestly the more difficult part. Then we created a list of customer requirements and engineering specifications. We proceeded to create the HOQs and used the 6-3-5 method, brainstorming method, and forced connection to create abstract solution. We created more detailed solutions to the objective, and passed them through the decision matrix and produced a final soultion.
Link to see the PDF and Minute Long Powerpoint for Mini Project 2

Direct Approach
My group members and I planned a course of action to tackle this Mini Project because we were dealing with an customer who is actually implementing this design in the school.
We made it a priority to meet and speak with our customer groups since they are in fact the most important aspect of our Project. We followed through with working as a group through out the project and followed the step by step design process. We implemented a great deal of time in this project simply because it is our last project as a group and we would like to leave our mark in this University as Engineers who made a difference.
Other groups
My role...
For this project, my group mate and I worked together as Manager/Reviser. We worked together to assemble the project and create a profession proposal for the customer and Professor Lewis.

I also worked with another group mate to gather the information from the customer groups, and I acted as the main communication between our group and the customers.
We did not initiate any conversation with the other groups. However during the one minute presentation, my group members and I were impressed by the different designs and initiatives taken to complete the assignment. Essentially, the similarities were apparent among the group were found in the design process used.
Link to see the PDF and Minute Long Powerpoint for Mini Project 3
Thinking Process
When faced with a problem, I try not to look what cannot be done, but what should be done.

Often times I doubt my intellect and my abilities, and I continuously remind myself that no matter what, the world is full of judges. But in the end, it is my decision and my judgment that renders who I am; either I let my ideas remain a shadow in my mind or I plant the seed of my dreams and bring it to life.

Before jumping into any problems, I make sure that I reassure the confidence in myself and that I know no matte what, I will follow the task through to the end.
My little brother
My brother looks up to me not only as a sister, but as a great role model and a superhero called 'ShortStop'. He says that the way he thinks has been highly influenced over that past 12 years by my parents, and especially me. He has learned that creativity has no limit, and there is nothing wrong with thinking outside the box. He is 12 years old now, and explains that he wants to be what his big sister is, an engineer. He want to build things to make others happy. His thoughts to solving a problems is if at first it does not make you happy, then start over. Do not give up just because you failed at one moment.
My Mum...
She thinks about the issue at hand and examine the possible outcomes and solutions. Looking at the outcome that is suitable and work towards that goal by creating a plan and design. Implementing the plan by insuring its success rate and reliability. If the outcome is not suitable, then fix the current alternative. If that is not possible, choose another alternative and work with that until you find the proper solution.
In my mind...
I have always tried my best to keep a positive outlook on life and the obstacles that come my way.

Concepts I follow:
“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.” ---Albert Einstein

"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."
--- Gandalf

"Yesterday is History... Tomorrow a Mystery... Today is a Gift, That's why it's called the Present"
Biomedical: One subject I have found truly fascinating is the world of biotechnology. Being able to give someone the chance to walk again or hold their child, to change a life, is a gift in itself.
Quantum Teleportation: The ability to teleport from once place to another is an amazing concept. Although it is seen in the science fiction movie, continuous research in this field would lead to a change in the way we think and the dimensions that we live in. Sometimes to look forward, one needs to imagine the impossible.
Bathroom stalls...
They are too small
Many of them lack a proper locking system
They need to start a self cleaning system
Should be installed with an air freshener system
Toilet are too low or high
Many need a self or hook to place things on
Airline Seats
They are often too close to one and other. Both at the sides, back and front.
There is no arm room
The airline seems to only accommodate those in First class with comfortable seats.
You get that awkward person that does not know about personal space.
The comic says it all, to specify...
The constant need of having to untangle
The jack is not made for all devices
Some are too expensive
Many affordable headphones break quickly
Bad Design
My Design Aspirations
Many times I cook with my mother in the kitchen and there have been multiple instances where we are complaining and wishing for easier, robotic gadgets. Especially ones that do not break that bank. Last semester, I design an easier and more affordable hand/automated mixer. If I do not immediately get into the field I wish, then I would start with redesign or introducing a new line of kitchen of convenient and affordable kitchen appliances.
Third World Countries
In Machines and Mechanisms, we were introduced to foot pumps that were used to transport water from a major water supply into wells and house hold reservoirs. Toward the end of the course, we were asked to redesign the pump, and so we change it from a standing foot pedal to a stationary bicycle model. This improve the amount water output and reduced the wear on the user.

This is a major aim in my life; to go to an underdeveloped country and improve their lives one gadget at a time.
MAE 451
The most influential thing that I learn from this class is the concept of design. The manner in which Professor Lewis taught the design process over the course of the semester allowed us to understand how to use the concept correctly. Truthfully, I learned this process before in an earlier class, however that particular professor did not explain the process as efficiently as Professor Lewis.
Another connection that will remain with me is the concept of the house of quality. It is concept that is new to me and I believe that will be applied in every future design that I pursue.
Overall, everything in the Design concept will stay with me for the rest of my life because my approach to creating a design has become more organized and clear.
My design philosophy has always revolved around green, clean, and customer lean. When I look at designing a product, I examine the competitors and pick out the pros and cons. Using these subjects, I would combine them with the customer requirements and pass them through a thought process, which examines the important aspects of a design goal; eventually, this will lead to the design concept that I would present to the customer.
When Professor Lewis introduced IDEO to us, I was quite excited because their company is the ideal job that I dreamed of as an engineer. It is fun, exciting, and there does not seem to be a lot of pressure placed on the employess. One of the dream jobs that I would love is working as a toy maker because honestly, I am a child on the inside, and my friends and family would be yelling 'on the outside too".
A bad design lacks any of the basic requirements of the customer. It lacks professionalism, facts, supporting diagrams and concepts, design drawing and analysis, etc. A bad design is essentially, a product that makes a customer unhappy.
A good design is one that meets the requirements of the customer; this includes but is not limited to the basic and performance requirements. It should be presented in a professional manner with supporting evidence that explains the concept of the design. It should be ethical, economical, and reliable.
What can I do...
In all honesty, I do not know what are my greatest strengths and weaknesses, because what could seem like a positive thing could actually be an unwanted quality. However, I have always though of myself a good leader because that is what I have been exposed as in the years of my life. Now some may look at me and think bossy, but my family and friends describe me as someone who is grounded and rooted because I always have a plan and idea for the future. I try to organize my life, even when things do not go according to plan. I like the look at my character and personality as independent, adaptable, and unique (in a good way). I came from an underdeveloped, yet humble country. I lived with mum my whole life, as my father traveled to the USA to ensure a better life for us. My mum is the inspiration in my life; she has inspired become an engineer because all of my creativity stems from her. She owned her own company and made her own name, which directed me to be my own person. I learned over years that you have to make your own path, no one paves a road to your destiny/future, and there is no map that marks your place in this world. Your future is created with every stepping stone you place as you move forward one day at a time. People in your life are there for influential purposes, but it is up to you to decide who leaves their mark on your path.
Friend #1
This person has a particular thinking concept---
Think like architect
. They believe thinking how a product or project is going to look in the future and what could go wrong. For example, landscaping – what is the environment like and how will it affect the layout. Think about the future. Think about not only solving the problem but the problems that can be caused by building the solution. When it comes to thinking creatively, I look outside the box. I am someone that offers a design and a solution. I put myself in the customer's shoes. Use your thought process to design a product to end.
Allicia Gurpersaud
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