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John F. Kennedy

No description

Madeline Pizii

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy Public Persuasion Crisis Leadership Economic Management Moral Authority International Relations Performance with context of time Relations with Congress Vision Setting Agenda Equal Justice for All - Wanted equal rights of all Americans including African Americans

-Sent troops to the south to protect the rights of African Americans; University of Alabama

- On June 11, 1963 Kennedy addressed the nation for support in to pass legislation to integrate public facilities

- Signed Executive Order 10925 which did not allow discrimination during the employment process -Many foreign affairs occurred during Kennedy's presidency -Bay of Pigs (1961)

-Cuban Missile Crisis (1962)

- Berlin Wall built (1961)
-Kennedy's Berlin Wall speech (1963)

- Signed the Partial Test Ban Treaty with the Soviet Union -Kennedy's program was called the "New Frontier"

- Intended to boost the economy, provide international aid, provide for national defense and boost the space program

- Challenged the US to put a man on the moon by 1970
-Kennedy Space Center - John was young and handsome, he represented change and possibility for Americans

- Very inspiring public speaker

- Came from a wealthy, sophisticated family

- Young people admired him - Formed the Alliance for Progress: provided aid to Latin America

- Created the Peace Corps in 1961 - Couldn't get many things passed in congress

- Neither party in congress has social change on their agenda

- Many of his legislative programs were not passed until after his death -He was the first president since Lincoln to place full moral authority on civil rights

- Civil right: Legal issue ----> Moral issue

- He wanted Americans to have equal opportunities regardless of their race, gender, or social position - In 1963, Kennedy proposed to cut income tax and the corporate tax rate

- This expanded economic growth

- Increased minimum wage and created better social security benefits

- Unemployment benefits expanded

- Provided aid to cities to improve housing and transportation -Kennedy spent exactly 1,000 days in office

- Foreign affairs: Bay of Pigs, Cuban Missile Crisis

-Dealt with civil rights issues

- Most bills and programs proposed were passed after his death

-The public loved him 35th President What do you know about JFK?
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