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bethany hewson

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Tenses

Learning Objective : To be able to use and recognise two types of past, present and future tenses with confidence.
You can identify and use verbs in the correct tense and identify when something happened.
Something that happened before...
I went to school
Something that is happening now...
I am going to school
Something that will happen

I will go to school
Past tense
There are many ways to write about the past. We are going to look at the key 2.
Past simple
Present perfect
I wrote a letter
I have written a letter
Subject + past simple
Subject + have + past participle
In your ESL books write 3 sentences in the past simple tense and 3 sentences in the present perfect tense. Change who/what the subject is!
Past Verb table
Work in tables to complete the table, think about the previous example, all past participles go with 'have'!
I have________
Your ESL notebook tip:

when you write a new verb, add the past simple and past participle forms as well!
Entry example:
infinitive : write
PS: wrote
PP: written
Many of you know how to write in the present, it is the first thing you learn when learning verbs. There are 2 ways to write in the present...
Present simple
I walk to school
I play tennis
I don't like chocolate
We use this tense for facts that are continuous in our life and reoccur regularly.

e.g. She dances.
Present progressive
I am walking to school.
present simple
subject + auxiliary (to be) + verb-ing
e.g. He/she is jumping/running/speaking.
We use this for something that is going on as we speak.
Write 3 sentences in present simple and 3 in present progressive, I want 3 DIFFERENT subjects in each one...
Present simple:
I have brothers and sisters
Present progressive:
You are helping
In your ESL books:
Present progressive
I am walking to school.
subject + auxiliary (to be) + verb-ing
What's with all these auxiliary verbs?
With the verb 'to be' you have TO BE careful!

It can come in many different forms and in order for your writing to be varied and correct you need to know how to use it.
Subjects + auxiliary (to be)...
Depending on who or what you are talking about (the subject) you might need to use a different 'to be' form.
What does the future hold?
When talking about the future their are two main ways to do so.

e.g. She will go to the ball.

Another way is similar to the present progressive, can anyone guess?
future simple
I am going to teach you...
Subject + auxiliary (to be) + going + to + infinitive...
Wowee what a long formula ! but it works, take a look.
I am going to eat pizza for dinner.
Simple changes alter the meaning...
Here is how to change your present progressive sentences into going to future sentences!
They are waiting for the bus.
this is happening as we say it
+ going to and make the -ing infinitive...
They are going to wait for the bus.
this will happen later
In your ESL books change your present progressive sentences into future 'going to' forms.
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