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Mythology; Flower-Myths: Narcissus, Hyacinth, Adonis

By Edith Hamilton

Veronica Elizondo Elizondo

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Mythology; Flower-Myths: Narcissus, Hyacinth, Adonis

Pages 85-91 Chapter 4:
Flower-Myths: Narcissus, Hyacinth, Adonis Answers Echo Narcissus Adonis Hyacinth Literary elements used Quiz 1.) A god who loved no one but himself, he fell in love with his own reflection in the pond and died to he could remain looking at himself.
2.) The goddess who fell in love with Nacrissus. She destracted Hera whenever Hera tried to discover Zeus's affairs, so Hera cured her so she could only Echo what people tell her
3.) Hyacinth was hit in the head with a discus thrown by Apollo and was killed instantly, as Apollo wept the blood dripped onto the grass creating a flower
4.) He was killed by the boar he tried to hunt Fell in love with Narcissus
Was heart broken when he didn't want her.
Was cursed by Hera because every time Hera tried to catch Zeus in an affair Echo would distract her, so Hera made Echo echo people Was very vain and thought no one deserved him
Saw himself in the ponds reflection and instanlty fell in love
He died so he could see himself forever
The nymphs searched for his body but couldn't find it, they only found a flower blooming where he stood Was a dear friend to Apollo
Died when a wind blew a discus and hit him in the head
Some stories say Zephyr blew on the discus to kill Hyacinth because Zephyr was jealous. Most famous flowery resurrection
Loved by Aphrodite and Persephone
Zeus concluded that Adonis spend half a year with Aphrodite and the other half with Persephone.
Was killed by a boar he was trying to hunt when he was with Aphrodite
A flower bloomed where his blood dripped Symbolism is used in the chapter to symbolize all the gods and goddesses that died.
Allusion is used in the story of Narcissus to show how narcissus he is. 1.) Who was Narcissus?
2.) Who was Echo? Briefly retell her story.
3.) What was the story behind the hyacinth flower?
4.) How did Adonis die?
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