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Luna the Baby Otter

No description

Ani Walrath

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of Luna the Baby Otter

Some facts I learned were that most otters were killed during the Fur Trade. I also learned that Sea otters help keep Crab population in check
Luna's video!!!
Authors purpose
The authors purpose of the article Beating the Odds is to explain how Sea Otters are in danger. It tells a story about a baby Sea Otter named Luna.
Main idea
The main idea is to tell every one how most of the sea otters are in danger. The author explains how Luna is found and taken into critical care.
more facts
more more facts
Crabs normally eat algae eating slugs and isopods. Baby otters drink milk until they are able to chew.
Luna is found as a lonley baby Otter and is taken in and raised by the care takers.
With out sea slugs the algae would over grow. With excessive algae using up oxygen eelgrass growth is stunted
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